Getting a Golf pushcart has never been more important. With several regions and municipal governments mandating players to walk or restrict the number of passengers in each golf cart, most golfers are opting for golf push carts to make strolling the golf course more enjoyable rather than just carrying the golf bag on your back. Today, we’ll be giving you a Bagboy Nitron golf push cart review to let you know why it’s the ultimate winner.

If you are a golfer and are looking for a perfect solution for carrying your golf gear, then the Bagboy Nitron golf pushcart is your ultimate solution. Before that, get to know what a golf pushcart is and why these are so very famous these days.

What is a Golf Pushcart?

Bagboy Nitron Golf Push cart Review

So, the question is, what is a Golf pushcart? A golf trolley, sometimes known as a golf push cart, is just a cart that is used to carry the golf bag, which includes clubs as well as other golf gear. As opposed to carrying the golf bag on its own when transferring golf gear, manually pushing a golf cart can save the player a lot of trouble.

Why Do You Need a Golf Pushcart?

Golf push carts make it easy to stroll nine or eighteen holes without worrying about harming your back. A pushcart definitely adds to the fun of the sport by allowing you to enjoy extra time with friends and family and walk directly to the ball.

The more and more time you spend walking a golf course, the less and less distracted you will be during your round. It’s also simpler to be relaxed and poised to strike your upcoming shot when you’re not resting between shots. Walking rather than driving on carts should allow you to get even more movement, concentrate on your game, and also enjoy playing the game with your partners. That’s a huge win!

Bagboy Nitron’s Glorious History

Bruce Williamson was the first designer and maker of  The first ever Bag Boy Cart in 1946, in Portland, Oregon.

Two mower wheels along with flat tires were installed on an ascending and descending folding, springtime support chassis that could fit into a conventional golf backpack in the first golf cart. The wheels were slid inwards and upwards towards the middle of the rear shaft to achieve a folded posture. and that is how the journey of Bagboy began.

About Bagboy Nitron Golf Push Cart

Bag Boy is not really a fancy business. Their goal isn’t to create ads or sell products. Golf players buy a lot of garbage. That’s why their goal is to deliver high-quality items that never compromise on function and service for aesthetics.

The Nitron pushcart is designed to be revolutionary and vastly proficient compared to what is currently available. Beginning with the fundamentals, the BagBoy Nitron is a three-wheeled golf cart. There’s also a single fixed front wheel that does not rotate, and not one but two back wheels, which are roughly thirty-six inches apart. As a result, there is a very wide stance, which itself is easy to balance.

The front-wheel measures 24.13 cm in diameter, while the back wheels measure 27.94 cm in diameter. Because they’re composed of solid foam, you won’t have to bother about maintaining them.


feature of bagboy push cart

The features that make Bagboy Nitron golf push cart different from the other pushcarts out there in the market are:

Folding Size: Small

With a fold dimension of 19″ x 13.5″ x 22″, it’s easy to store and travel.

Console with a lot of features

Consolidated cup holder, mobile phone holder, including a golf ball, and a full-featured score console.

Umbrella Holder Built-In

It has an umbrella holding with a ring and a built-in slot.

The top-lock technology

Top-Lok tech, a proprietary luggage attachment method, is included.


Some other features that make the Bagboy Nitron golf push cart special are:

  • Folds up in moments with an easy one-step folding!
  • Nitro Piston technology/nitrogen-powered open piston is included.
  • Fitted drink holder, mobile phone holder.
  • For storing, there is an extra-large accessories bag under the scoring console.
  • It has a parking brake with a handle

Bagboy Nitron vs Clicgear Model 4.0

CategoriesBagboy nitron golf push cartClicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart
Options7 options5 options
FoldingSimple one step foldingFolding can give you a difficult time
Item Dimensions10 x 13 x 36 inches13 x 15 x 23 inches
Item Weight16.7 Pounds21 pounds

Bagboy Nitron vs Bag Boy Spartan

CategoriesBagboy Nitron golf push cartBag Boy Spartan Push Cart
Options7 optionsOnly 1 option
FoldingSimple one-step foldingFolding can give you a difficult time
Item Dimensions10 x 13 x 36 inches36 x 13 x 10 inches
Item Weight16.7 Pounds21.3 pounds

Know Before Buying

If you are about to buy a golf push cart for yourself, then you need to go through a proper buying guide before you commit to anything. We are providing you with a buying guide so that you can make your decision easily:


The count of tires on every type of cart is among the most important distinctions. Pull carts from the past had a pair of wheels and were quite simple machines. With the addition of the front wheel, a three-wheel push cart was introduced, which allowed the users to push them instead of pulling them. You are considerably less likely to flip over into being irritated mid-round if you have a front wheel. Moreover, for golfers who have never even strolled in a long period of time, the third wheel makes it much easier. Compare a two-wheel and a three-wheel push cart while looking for the best option.


In contrast to strolling, one of the finest advantages of pushing your clubs is to get a little additional storage space for the gear and the clothes. On the other hand, if you’ve been carrying a backpack on the back of you, you don’t want to add any additional weight because it will make it even much harder to carry! For you and many other golfers, storage may be essential.

If somehow you ever get lost in the forest, you could manage for days what was in the golf cart. Storage, on the other hand, is essential. We usually recommend having extra storage space, particularly if you happen to play regularly, even in the rainy or cold season, so that you would be able to keep the things inside the bag dry. Alternatively, if you’re also taking a lot of munchies or a couple of cool beverages to the course.

Adjustable Handle

A flexible handle is another feature to consider with the premium golfing push cart. The adjustability of certain relatively high models is greater than that of others. It all depends on how you choose to pull or push the cart. The right handle may make things much simpler on your body. Furthermore, some are much more ergonomically friendly! Completing one round without the need for a golf cart hasn’t been simpler, thanks to the addition of seats or stools to certain push carts. Although not all golf push carts have this feature, this is a fantastic place to sit amid rounds or breaks. It will help you relax and keep flexible just on the back nine, specifically if you’re playing on a steep golf course. Who needs a golf cart when you can get anything with a sitting arrangement?


One consideration that many golfers overlook when purchasing carts is how they can glide around the field. Fixed tires make steering on the field and shifting directions more difficult. Furthermore, the four-wheeled design has less agility but folds up easily if you already have limited storage space.

Brake System

If you’ve ever had an experience of a cart getting away on the golf course then you know that nothing is worse than running after your luggage down a slope due to a defective brake system, in my opinion. Obviously, if you plan on walking uphill terrain, you should invest in a relatively high version with the finest brake pedal. Some use a hand brake, and others use a brake pedal to lock a front tire. While each item on this checklist should work, always double-check that it is secured before heading to the pitch!


There are many push carts that are under a hundred dollars, while some are two to three times the expenditure. However, with greater-quality materials, you will get what you will pay for, like all golfing items.


Better wheels, an aluminium frame, and other features will make it the best bang for your buck. Plus, you also want to double-check the warranty length on any golf accessories in case something does happen during your round. This should give you the most value for money thanks to improved tires, an aluminium alloy, as well as other improvements. In addition, you might want to double-check with the warranty on every golf gear in case things go wrong while playing.


With many options of push carts here on the marketplace, golf firms have responded by increasing the number of accessories available for every cart. It is as simple as deciding on two wheels, a handle, a place to put golf clubs, a beverage storage, or a way to keep track of the scorecard. Check for features such as an umbrella holder, seat, flexible handle, or storage while looking for the finest cart.

Compact Size

cart specifications
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The final factors to consider are the dimensions of your push cart as well as if it’s convenient to travel or not. If there is not a lot of storage space in either your garage or your car’s back, a compact design is what you need. They must be lightweight and small. If you don’t have a lot of trunk space, your automobile has to be compact and easy to transport.

Bagboy Nitron Golf Push Cart Review

push cart in golf course

We’ve gathered some authentic reviews for you to understand how durable and efficient this product is. Let’s take a look at Bagboy Nitron golf push cart reviews:

An honest Bagboy Nitron golf push cart review of Rebecca

It’s simple to both open and closes the cart, and the breadth of the rear tires makes it incredibly stable. It also rolls smoothly and looks nice. Some people have complained about these case openings when the cart is disassembled, but it’s a fixable problem with just some velcro for keeping it closed. I can’t speak to the longevity just yet, and it appears to be very well-made, thus should last for several years.

An honest Bagboy Nitron golf push cart review of Jessica

It’s amazingly simple to start and set up. It’s also a lovely-looking cart. The tiny storage pouch underneath the handle is a nice touch. My water flask fits snugly in the cupholder. It leans towards the right tiny bit, but it should be simple to correct. The one and the only problem I noticed was that the rubber here on the grip was peeling a little. I’m going to keep a close eye on that. It does, however, roll readily. It feels fantastic to be back on the course.

An honest Bagboy Nitron golf push cart review of Samuel

Last summer, I purchased one for myself. I am delighted, and my husband enjoyed how easily and compactly it folds, so I bought one for him as a gift. He recently used the cart and obviously enjoyed it. The old cart of his brakes both the wheels, something he prefers, however, the brake mechanism worked great for me. There’s a lot of room in the central pouch.

Pros And Cons of Bagboy Nitron Golf Push Cart

Nothing in this world is perfect. As Bagboy Nitron golf push cart doesn’t intend to hide from criticism, they are pretty open about their shortcomings. Here are a few pros and cons of the Bagboy Nitron golf push cart:


  • Easy to open.
  • Handles all areas of the game with ease.
  • There is more than enough storage capacity.
  • Has the capability to store an umbrella.
  • Available in a number of colors.
  • Very lightweight


  • The front tire is rigid and therefore does not rotate.
  • Once you attach an umbrella to the cart, it might be hard to unwieldy.
  • For a golf push cart, it’s quite pricey.


Is it already assembled?

Besides the wheels, it’s pretty easy.

Is there a handbrake on this?

It does, in fact, have a hand brake.

Can you remove the front wheel?

Once you fold the cart, the front wheel will go under.


If golf is your love and you play it frequently, the Bagboy Nitron golf push cart is the perfect choice for you. Despite the fact that this item costs more than other brands, the quality and efficiency are obvious from the Bagboy Nitron golf push cart reviews.

Isn’t it better to spend a little more on something that will last a long time rather than investing in other golf push carts that will need to be repaired over a short period of time? We hope you found our Bagboy Nitron golf push cart review helpful.

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