Do you ever notice how every king in history had a trusted general? The one who always gives him the best solution and has earned his trust thoroughly? Well, a caddy is something like that for golfers, except their work is more extensive. Unlike the generals of history, they don’t just provide a suggestion; they actively do a lot of work too. That’s exactly our focus today. Let’s know more about what is a golf caddy and what makes them important.

What Is A Golf Caddy: The 101

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In simple words, golf caddies are helpers of golfers. To elaborate, caddies are people who carry and look after golfer’s equipment and keep the golfers updated on their games. They inform the players about the current standings of the game, help pick the best club for shots and even suggest strategies that they think can improve the golfer’s game.

The availability and work time for a caddy depends on who they work for. Usually, only professional golf players hire caddies, and they travel with the player for their games. Some high-end clubs also offer caddy services; in that case, caddies work in one golf course for the full golf season of the year.

Responsibility Of A Caddy

what is a golf caddy

You probably think you got this one down already; what more can it be? Well, caddies have a lot more responsibilities other than the ones we’ve already mentioned. The list is so long we couldn’t exactly reach the bottom of it, but here are the top responsibilities of a caddy we listed for you.

Carrying The Equipment

The most obvious one on this list. The first and most traditional responsibility of a caddy is to carry the golfer’s equipment. This also includes handling the player their requested club and putting it back in the bag when they’re done.

Cleaning The Equipment

Cleaning the equipment is another responsibility of a caddy. They have to wipe and clean the clubs and sometimes clean the clubs’ grooves too if necessary.

Caddies also clean the golf balls before every tee shot. Usually, the balls are cleaned on the green, but in the case of professional players, caddies ask them about their preferences first since everyone may not like the regular cleaning method.

Helping With The Distance to Green

This is one of the biggest responsibilities of caddies. Usually, players are seasonal, but the caddies walk on a course so many times it is very easy for them to answer when their players ask what the distance to green is. This helps with selecting a shot strategy and also saves the player time.


As much as a player wants to avoid it, sand traps are practically inevitable. This is why a caddy must rake up the sand traps and bunkers and make it look like no ball ever ran into there. A caddy will rake the sand traps, and clean the player’s footprints and then their footprints.


If you’ve ever seen cartoons playing golf on TV, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Sometimes a player can hit a ball hard enough to leave a divot. A caddy has to repair the spot by either finding the missing spot of grass or with sand. Other than this, it is also a caddy’s duty to fix any ball marks (any mark the ball leaves during landing) before leaving and keep the course clear for the next candidate.

Pin Tending

This responsibility comes after the player hits their balls onto the green on a hole. Caddies are then responsible for standing near the pin or removing it. Depending on whether the golfer can see the hole or not, a caddy either waits while holding the pin with one hand and removes it after the player hits the shot or just take the pin out.

Course Insights

A caddy’s job is to know the course thoroughly and help the player with their insights. Sometimes it comes from their experience of working the course and watching other people play, other times its sources like books or even the internet.

Providing Suggestions And Moral Support

Knowing golf and golf courses is a must for a caddy because one of their responsibilities is giving their players suggestions or tips. Besides this, a caddy is always optimistic and provides moral support for the players when they need them. This is basically what completes the answer to what is a golf caddy because they’re both your helper and co-strategist.

Should You Hire A Golf Caddy?

Now that you have your answer to what is a golf caddy, you’re probably thinking if you should really hire a caddy. The short answer to that question? Yes. The long answer? If available, then yes. Caddies can significantly improve a player’s game because they are seasoned people with deep knowledge of golf and also because they see a lot of people play, so they know what should work and when.

Why They Are Important

You probably already have an idea after reading about their duties, but in case you aren’t totally convinced or just need some more reasons to seal the deal, here are some extra reasons why a golf caddy is important.

Knows The Course

A caddy knows the course you’re playing on better than you. Whether it is because they read up on it or because they’ve been working on that course for a long time, their knowledge of the course will make your life easier. You can trust us on this.

Can Help You Decide

Club selection or strategy, a caddy will be your trusty guide. They may not play the game, but they know it well. Well enough to know what club or strategy can work for the best outcome, sometimes better than you. Even if that’s not the case, it is always good to have an extra brain in the team, am I right?

Helps Locate The Ball

Part of a caddy’s job is to keep their eyes on the ball, so they will already know the answer to your unasked question of where did that ball go? Even if they can’t pinpoint a location, they will know the general direction of the ball, and you won’t even have to break a sweat about it!

Has Insights You May Not Have

As the caddy watches you play, not only do they gain insight into the course and strategy, but also your individual playing style. Based on this insight, they can advise you more precisely regarding things you may ask them.

Shot by Shot Advice

Before taking every shot, your caddy will update you about the distance from the green, the perfect landing spot, whether the holes play downhill or uphill, the condition of the wind and what may the troubles be, among other things. This shot-by-shot update can change your game significantly, as you can probably already tell.

Helps With A Distance Reading

As we have mentioned earlier, part of a caddy’s responsibility is to keep up with the distance from the green. This means you can aim more precisely with their help instead of doing it mostly by heart.

Cleans Up After You

As everyone knows, the rule of a golf course is to leave it exactly like it was when you started. This can be tough if you’re playing alone. Raking the sand traps and bunkers, repairing ball marks and divots every time before you leave? I know you’re already saying no to that. Caddies do all this and make sure the course looks and feels brand new so the players won’t have to worry about it.

How Can You Find A Golf Caddy?

So you’ve decided to hire a caddy, great! But where can you find one? There are two answers to this question.

Ask Your Golf Shop

Check with your pro shop first. If they do have caddies available, you might have to book them in advance, considering there are pretty high demands for their service.

Check With The Club

If you’re playing in a private or high-end public club, you can check with them to see if they offer caddy service. A few clubs offer caddy services but don’t expect every club to do the same.

Look For a Professional Service

Some professional services offer caddy services. See if you can find one, and they’ll set you up.

How to Become One

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If you think this might be your calling, we got you. Becoming a caddy doesn’t require any extra academic education or golf experience, so don’t worry about that. It requires deep knowledge of golf and, in rare cases, experience.

To become a caddy, you need to know golf as you breathe it. Watch every game you can, all of them. Analyze them, look for other people analyzing them, find books about them – basically do everything you need to learn the game. The job requirement may not ask for it, but if you’re a player yourself, it is going to be much easier for you.

Other than learning about golf, you can volunteer for golf events or clubs. The more you see, the more you will learn. Plus, you will get to know how the whole process works firsthand, which is a bonus.

How Much Do Golf Caddies Earn?

Good question. Average golf caddies earn about 40000 USD per year in the USA. An average golf caddy earns something between 40 to 100 pounds per round in the UK.

Professional caddies usually earn almost 10% more than an average caddy.


Can a Woman Be a Golf Caddy?

A little rare, but the answer is yes. Women can be caddies; they are called caddy girls. Lee Westwood’s girlfriend is his caddy, and they’ve seen many good days together.

What is a Golf Caddy And What is a Forecaddie?

A golf caddy is someone whose primary focus is to help the player. On the other hand, a forecaddie is more focused on the course and maintaining the game flow. A golf caddy follows the player and goes with him, but a forecaddie will help the player settle down and then move on to the next spot before the player.

Do I Have to Tip My Caddy?

Yes, you should tip your caddy unless it is against the policy.

How Much Should I Tip?

The general amount for tipping is thirty to forty percent of your green fee, but it can vary depending on your area. It is better to ask a local friend about tipping.

Is Every Caddy a Good Golf Player?

Well, generally speaking, yes. But it doesn’t mean someone has to be a good player to be a caddy!

Is There an Age Limit to be A Caddy?

You have to be of legal working age in your country, but other than that, No!

We hope this helped you decide whether you should hire a caddy or just clear up the questions you had in mind. If you have any more questions about what a golf caddy is, feel free to let us know!

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