How much is the golf cart battery? If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re considering purchasing an electric golf cart. Maybe you already own one, but this is your first time purchasing a new golf cart battery.

In any case, we’ve got you covered, and perhaps you’ll have a better sense of how much batteries your golf cart costs. It is wise to budget for future expenses because far too many people miss a battery installation and become upset when they discover that they must keep the cart functioning.

Keep in mind that pricing might vary greatly depending on the voltage that your golf cart runs on.

How Much Is The Golf Cart battery?

How Much Is The Golf Cart Battery

A new golf cart battery will cost between $800 and $1,500 on average.

Depending on the type of battery, it might be in the $2,000 range as powerful golf carts like the 72V demand more expensive batteries. If you are still looking to buy an electric golf cart, this is something you should think about.

The cost of golf cart batteries is not prohibitively high, but the cost of having them installed at a nearby golf cart service center may be. Because batteries can be fairly heavy, it can be challenging to install them on your own. So, our average costs include both the battery and the service fee.

If you’re a handyman and can handle it all yourself, you could save half or more on battery replacement. As previously stated, golf carts are extremely heavy, and getting the battery into the proper location to install it can be time-consuming.

Type Of Battery

The following are the most common varieties of golf cart batteries and their typical prices:

Six volts

Eight Volts

Twelve volts

Above are the three primary varieties of golf cart batteries. There is no clear connection between price and voltage. However, there is a link between the price and the brand and features of the battery.

How Much Cost?

The number of batteries determines the cost of golf cart battery packs, their voltage, and their amp-hour capacity. Packs of batteries are available in numbers 4, 6, and 8.

Cost of a 4-Pack Golf Cart Battery

A 12-volt, 150-ampere-hour golf cart battery in a 4-pack will cost between $1190 and $1300. A 6V 4-pack battery, on the other hand, will cost between $700 and $800.

Cost of a 6-Pack Golf Cart Battery

golf cart batteries

A six-pack of 6V and 225 Ah batteries will cost roughly $1300, while a six-pack of 8V and 170 Ah batteries will cost around $1350.

Cost of an 8-Pack Golf Cart Battery

The most expensive golf cart batteries are 8-packs, which cost around $1600. They are typically 6V / 225 Ah.

What kinds of Golf Cart Batteries Are Available?

On the market, there are four kinds of golf cart batteries, the majority of which are Deep Cycle:

•The batteries that are filled with water are known as flooded lead-acid (or ‘wet cell’ batteries).

•Lead Acid AGM Batteries

•Lead Acid Gel Batteries

•Golf Cart Lithium-Ion Batteries

Almost every golf cart in the world is equipped with Flooded Lead Acid batteries as standard. This battery type is suitable for any golf cart application you can think of (including off-roading and more). Trojan Battery is the market leader in this category.

AGM or Gel batteries are used in very few carts, but because they are lead-acid batteries as well, they perform very similarly to Flooded Lead Acid batteries.

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries are a potential new area of the golf cart battery business. Lithium-ion batteries are slightly more expensive than lead-acid batteries, but they offer several significant advantages.

The Advantages Of Using Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Most golf cart owners prefer lithium batteries because of the added security they provide. Other advantages of putting lithium batteries in your golf cart include:

• Lead-acid golf cart batteries only last 3–5 times as long as lithium-ion batteries (up to 5,000 charge cycles vs. 1,000 with lead-acid)

No maintenance is required with lithium-ion golf cart batteries (no watering or cleaning)

• Lithium-Ion batteries do not lose power when their voltage drops (lead-acid batteries wear out quickly).

• This battery recharge far more quickly than lead-acid batteries (It can achieve 80 per cent charge in as little as 1 hour, full charge in 2-3 hours)

• These batteries are rechargeable (72 lbs). Lead Acid Batteries are 1/4 the weight (325 lbs)

What Are The Costs Of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries?

Lithium golf cart batteries range in price from $2000-5000. The price varies according to the number of amp hours used.

48V batteries with 50-100 Ah range in price from $2400 to $5000, whereas 36V batteries with 50-100 Ah cost between $2000 and $4000. The 36V batteries are less expensive than the earlier ones.

What Are The Costs Of Trojan Golf Cart Batteries?

trojan golf cart battery

Trojan golf cart batteries are priced from roughly $200 for a 6V/235Ah battery to around $1000 for a 6V 708 Ah battery.

Frequently Asked Questions on Golf Cart Batteries

1. What Is the Expected Life of Your New Batteries?

Answer: You undoubtedly want to know when you’ll have to do this again after you’ve spent your $1,000 or whatever you paid for your battery replacement.

A golf cart’s battery should be replaced every five years, according to Batteries in a Flash. It could be a little shorter if you do not maintain the battery and are careless with it. Five years is more like the bare minimum than you should expect it to last.

If the battery is properly maintained and not overused, it can live considerably longer.

2. When Should I Replace My Battery?

Answer: When it is no longer convenient to use the battery, it is time to replace it. Some people may put off purchasing a new battery since they do not require the cart for long trips or use it sparingly.

Others may replace a battery much sooner if they are a golf course owner and discover that several golf carts cannot return for a full golf round due to a loss of charge. It all comes down to your decision to replace a battery.

3. Should You Purchase New or Used Batteries?

Answer: It is normally best to buy new batteries so that they can be covered by a guarantee or refunded; however, buying a used battery can make sense in some cases.

If you know that a used battery is less than market value and can find a good price, then purchasing a used golf car battery is wise. Before purchasing a used battery from a stranger, make sure to conduct your own research and use your best judgment.

4. Can I replace one battery at a lower cost?

Answer: Naturally, some folks would prefer not to pay $1,000 for a new battery up front. As a result, some users will attempt to replace a single battery rather than two.

Most experts will tell you that this is not a good idea because replacing one battery at a time is more costly. In the long term, it is advisable to replace both batteries simultaneously.

5. How to Extend the Life of a Golf Cart Battery?

Answer: The first step for extending the life of a battery is to use the proper charger. Counterfeit battery chargers will shorten the life of your battery.

Corrosion is another important factor to consider. There are anti-corrosion lubricants available that will make you very delighted with the longevity of your cart. Anti-corrosion products can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run for such a minor expenditure.

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