It’s a common question asked by the golf cart owners: Do golf carts have titles. Well, it’s better you first get an idea about titles.

A title acts as proof that a vehicle legitimately has an owner. Not having a title for your car can get you in unfavourable situations. The reason is that a vehicle without a title means you aren’t a legal owner of the car, bus, or even a motorcycle.

do golf carts have titles

Your vehicle without a title means it becomes easier for anyone to claim ownership. You can’t even easily tackle the issue if such a thing occurs. Thus, evidence should be there through established legal papers for the vehicles you have.  

Now, a golf cart can also be considered a type of vehicle because they are being driven on the golf field for ease and comfy to go from one place to another.

There is still confusion among the golf cart owners. The answer is a definite yes. Consequently, it sparks interest among them to know more about titles for golf carts. It also involves knowing the significance of using the titles.

It also means to know about the tile and the golf cart itself. You might also need to know how its functions, the variety, and the speed can determine the usage of titles.

The good news is not all sorts of situations require your golf cart to have a title. Nevertheless, it might be a good idea for you to be knowledgeable about the title. This is in case any such unpredictable circumstances come into play.

Buckle up and get ready to be an expert on the title and if you need one for a golf cart.

Understand The Title Certificate

A paper that states the owner’s name and other relevant info can be used to certify the title. The certification of a title signals that you are a legitimate owner of the vehicle.

This document is crucial to maintain proof of legal transactions

 if you plan to sell your vehicle. It is also required so that your vehicle can be parked safely anywhere without worrying that someone might steal or damage it.

Having a title certificate also means you might not need to worry about the transfer of registration. You might easily relocate your vehicle anywhere in your country.

So when a golf cart has a title, you can transport your golf cart. It can be taken to another golfing area outside of your state.

Do Golf Cart Have Requires Titles

There is a large variety of golf carts. They are usually used to drive around the golf course or a big area like the Hollywood studio.

It doesn’t need a title when it comes to a golf cart. A general golf cart without customizable or modifications doesn’t require papers to show ownership.

No official term might not even be there for a category of titles only specialized to be used for golf carts. This is due to the fact that no cars that are categorized as “fleet cars: require titles. Titles are especially not considered important for vehicles used mainly on private roads or areas.

However, there is still availability of titles for golf carts. They can be easily installed in your golf cart to ensure safety. So there can be benefits of owning a golf cart with a title.


  • The golf cart that you can use is easily transferable to be owned by another person
  • It can be safely parked without requiring anyone’s special attendance

But is it worth the risk of not owning a golf cart with a title? Think about it after going through the drawbacks of not having a title.


  • Difficult to take legal action against the person who steals your golf cart.
  • This is due to the lack of documents that proves your ownership.
  • You can’t easily trace the location of your golf cart
  • You can’t take the golf cart on public roads

Still, keep in mind the advantages of not having a title with a golf cart:

  • The golf cart can be used for any purposes
  • It can be driven by people of any age range, whether teenagers or adults.
  • No hassle of maintenance or fees regarding license and process of keeping the title in check.
  • Can purchase second-hand golf carts without any lengthy formal process

Now, after going through all the pointers, do remember golf cart can still be modified to have a title.

How To Get A Title For The Golf Cart?

golf carts

Firstly, your golf cart needs to be legal to drive in public streets. In short, it means to get it street-legal. A golf cart automatically becomes street legal when you change its parts or equipment to make it into a low-speed vehicle.

This makes a golf cart be ordered to assign a title. The answer is that your modified low-speed vehicle-made golf cart is now functional. It can easily now be driven with other vehicles on the streets. Hence, a golf cart with a title means you can enjoy riding it in any public area without any restrictions.

In brief, it means you need to convert your golf cart to a low-speed vehicle to get a title.

What Is Considered A Low-Speed Vehicle?

According to GEM, a low-speed vehicle, in short, LSV, is a four-wheeled electric vehicle. They are street legal and can be driven up to 25 miles per hour. The total weight should be less than 3,000 pounds.

The rules are relaxed for low-speed vehicles. This is due to their lower capabilities than other moderate or high-speed vehicles.

Convert A Golf Cart To A Low-Speed Vehicle

To understand how to convert your golf cart into a low-speed vehicle, you need to know the following.

First of all, you need to know the original speed of your golf cart. Your normal golf cart’s standard battery and motor are designed according to driving in private areas. A standard golf cart is 2 or 4 seater. Usually, a golf cart that is not suitable for roads might be able to run up to 20 or 15 miles per hour.

I can suggest updating your golf cart with motors and batteries with higher specifications. This might result in your golf cart getting an upgrade on speed. But, you can’t cross the speed limit, which is 25 miles/hour. However, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. This limit is regardless of your golf cart is customized or not.

When you convert your golf cart to a low-speed vehicle, it means you also require a license. A license is required since your golf cart is on-street law and should obey the traffic rules.

The process of converting your golf cart to a low-speed vehicle doesn’t stop here. Then it’s best that you might need to think about the safety of your golf cart.

This means the incorporation of safety features. The most common ones are:

  • Headlights or front and rear lights
  • Seatbelts
  • Horn kit
  • Mirrors
  • Golf cart identification card
  • Golf cart speedometer
  • Reflectors

This also means a golf cart with a title. Now, your golf cart must get titled. Beware that not getting your golf cart titled after the low-speed vehicle update can get you in trouble. This can range from getting tickets or fines or even serious legal actions.

How To Title A Low-Speed Vehicle?

Getting your LSV golf cart to be titled is relatively easy. The process is simple and up to a point in most country areas. The procedure might vary a bit depending on where you live. But usually, it’s similar everywhere.

We will break down the task to get an idea beforehand of how to title your golf cart.

The steps are:

  1. Go to a motorist service office
  2. Ask for an application for a low-speed title
  3. Complete the application form by giving your required info about yourself and the LSV golf cart itself
  4. Provide copies of required documents, such as explaining your golf cart’s modification. It also involves giving the date of when it was modified and the proof of any receipts related to your golf cart. They will tell you to give any other papers if required.
  5. Wait for the approval of the authorities and the verification of your application.
  6. After approval and verification, pay the fees.
  7. Get the title and license for your LSV golf cart.

Do Golf Carts Have Titles In All States?

No, but you can get a title for your golf cart in any state. The golf cart is required to be converted to a low-speed vehicle. The requirements for the conversion process might vary for each state. 

North Carolina:

  • Install taillights, turn signals,  headlights, taillights, mirrors, insurance, driver’s license, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and speedometer.
  • Maintain G.S 20-50 and G.S 20-90 rules for registration
  • Speed can’t go above 35 miles per hour


  • Age is at-least 16 years old to drive a low-speed vehicle
  • Speed can’t go above 25 miles per hour
  • Abide by the rules of Michigan for a low-speed vehicle


  • Speed can’t go above 25 miles per hour
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) required for verification

All in all, you can witness the rules are pretty similar. We recommend contacting the motor office of the state where you want to get the title for your golf cart.

Limitations Of A Titled Golf Cart

There are limitations of owning a golf cart with a title too. For instance, your golf cart is always spared from odometer disclosure rules. It means even your golf cart with a title cannot be shown for how much mileage it covered. This is an issue when you plan to sell your titled golf cart.

Moreover, even if your LSV golf cart is titled and ready to take on public roads, a problem still arises. The vehicles on public roads are usually are driven at higher speeds. LSV golf carts might never compete with other normal SUV cars, busses, or even motorcycles.

This is especially dangerous on a freeway. Your LSV golf cart might never keep with the speed flow there. As a driver of the LSV golf cart, you might find it alarmingly risky driving around the high-speed going vehicles on the freeway. This indeed also poses a threat to your life.

The Bright Side Of Owning A Titled Golf Cart

Your titled LSV golf cart is be limited to some selected roads. But I can assure you, and this will still not stop you from enjoying the fun experience that comes with a titled golf cart.

A friend of mine who owns a golf cart with a title gave her insights on driving it. She continuously praises her precious golf cart, she stated. She recently suffered from a leg injury. But her LSV golf cart made sure not to make her upset about that.

She still managed to stroll around nearby areas. Her titled LSV golf cart also made her enjoy hangouts with her friends. Driving her LSV with her friends was among the best experiences of her life as she mentioned.

LSV golf carts are also great for anyone of older demography. They can go around without the hassle of walking long distances. The LSV golf cart is a great option for scout girls. Their instructor can drive around in their neighbourhood to distribute cookies.

The Final Verdict

It is not an official term, which is titled golf cart. However, golf cart owners or prospective buyers of golf cart wonders do golf carts have titles. We made sure to cover every aspect regarding this matter.

The answer was that a golf cart indeed could be registered for the title. But it’s only after your golf cart will be made a low-speed vehicle. This means upgrading your cart’s engines and adding taillights and speedometer features. 

While there are limitations, the advantages still outweigh such concerns. It’ll be a great way to go around your town, especially during summertime.

Be sure to keep track of the different regulations or obtain a title for the LSV golf cart in each state. How much enjoy on this do golf carts have titles article?

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