A good pair of golf shoes is an absolute must-have item in any golfer’s wardrobe or accessory collection. They can provide you with comfort, stability, and grip, allowing you to perform at your highest level on the field. In this article, we will discuss how to clean golf shoes.

Although their leather or synthetic materials are of high quality, the nature of their leather or synthetic materials means that they can readily become soiled while playing golf. Even though shoe neglect is a widespread problem in the world of golfing equipment, it may be readily remedied with a little scrub and shine.

Maintaining your golf shoes’ cleanliness can help you get the most use out of them and extend their lifespan. How to clean your golf shoes is discussed below.

How To Clean Golf Shoes?

how to clean golf shoes

The Scrub n’ Shine Method

When it comes to cleaning golf shoes, this method is the most popular among golfers because it can be applied to virtually any type of leather golf shoe. Here’s an overview of the process; some shoe manufacturers may have particular cleaning recommendations for their products. so this clear step for a golfer to clean his golf shoes.

Step 1

Fill a bucket or the sink in your kitchen with hot, soapy water and set it aside. The dish soap that you would normally use should be enough.

Dip a soft brush, a pan scourer, or a towel into the water and use it to clean the surface. It’s important to remember that you don’t want to entirely soak your shoes because this could cause the material to become damaged.

Get your golf shoe’s upper section clean by scrubbing it. If you place your hand inside the shoe, you can use your fingers to work the dirt out of the welts and creases, making it simpler to remove the dirt.

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned the upper of the shoe, move on to the outsole. Finally, scrape the bottom of the shoe. The sole of the shoe is usually the most difficult to clean because a lot of dirt can get caught in the cleats. When it comes to this step, it is recommended that you use a brush rather than a towel. Remove your cleats from your shoes and clean them individually if possible.

It’s a good idea to take your laces off before you begin to ensure a thorough clean. This will allow you to clean the tongue of the shoe, and you will be able to wash the laces separately in the washer.

Step 2

Grab a towel, preferably made of microfiber, and dry the shoe. Your scrubbing ability will be proven by how well you’ve done your scrubbing job. If necessary, return with the brush for a second pass.

To finish drying your shoes with a towel, you’ll want to allow them to air dry for another 10 minutes or so at room temperature before moving on to the next step.

Step 3

Purchase some golf shoe polish if you want to bring back the luster of your golf shoes to their original state. Choose a polish that complements your shoes, whether they are brown, white, or black. Red Moose shoe polish is a high-quality, USA-made product that is available in various colors.

Specific application directions can vary from product to product, but in general, you’ll be softly dabbing it onto your shoe leather to cover blemishes and enhance shine.

Step 4

It is possible for laces, particularly white ones, to accumulate a lot of dirt and become discolored over time. They should be removed and replaced or thoroughly cleaned with a whitener, a wax, or even just a simple hand wash.

Many brands may sell their own laces, and others will be designed specifically for specific sorts of shoes, such as Converse. If you are looking to replace your current laces, many common waxed laces will do as a substitute.

The Baby Wipe Method

It’s possible to get away with cleaning your mud-stained golf shoe with a baby wipe if you need a quick, virtually painless cure. When it comes to eliminating dirt, they’re fairly effective, and they’re easy to work into confined spaces.

When you’re in a hurry, this is a decent cleaning solution, but it won’t be quite as effective as the scrub and shine. If you want to keep your shoes as clean as possible, you’ll probably need to fetch some soap out of the cupboard every now and then.

What Do You Think of Mesh Shoes?

golf shoes

There is a good reason why mesh golf shoes are becoming increasingly popular. Most importantly, they’re simple to clean and are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear.

Most mesh sneakers can be cleaned by soaking them in a basin filled with warm water and soap. Once the dirt and debris have been thoroughly washed away, you can remove them using a soft cloth or a soft brush. When you’re finished, gently dab the mesh with a cold-water-moistened cloth to remove any soap residue that may have accumulated.

Alternatively, you may cheat… by simply throwing them in the washing machine. No problems should arise as long as you place them in a mesh bag and run the machine on a gentle cycle. However, we urge that you read the manufacturer’s specific guidelines, just in case they state that washing machines are not permitted in the home.

Place some crinkled-up newspaper inside them to dry them after soaking them or after putting them through the washing machine to help them dry faster. This will aid in the absorption of extra water. After that, place them in a cool, shady area to keep them at room temperature. It normally takes roughly 10 hours for them to dry completely. Avoid using a hairdryer, an oven, or any other type of heat source to dry them since this can cause significant harm to the materials.


A golf shoe bag and cedar shoe trees are two items you’ll need to keep your shoes in the best possible condition for storage. A golf shoe bag will keep your shoes safe between rounds and during transportation when you’re not playing golf. Consider using a bag with a vented design to prevent the accumulation of moisture and bacteria.

Cedar shoe trees are useful for absorbing excess sweat and moisture that accumulates in your shoes while also helping to keep the shape of the shoe.

How Often Should Your Golf Shoes Be Cleaned?

clean shoes

In an ideal world, what would you do? After every round. We are only human, after all.

It’s generally best to rely on your own judgment in this situation. You are well aware of how much you paid for your shoes, and this should serve as sufficient motivation to keep them in good operating condition. Just remember that if your golf shoes are neglected and continually let sit around in a muddy state, they will not last nearly as long as they should.

It is recommended that you clean them if they become considerably muddy, even if you only use a baby wipe. If you’re playing in the summer, you could definitely get away with playing a few rounds without cleaning your clubs. But keep in mind that the better you take care of your golf shoes, the better they will take care of you in return.

Other Golf Shoe Care Suggestions

The following are a few essential tips to keep in mind when it comes to extending the life of your golf shoes aside from cleaning them. From this following step on how to clean golf shoes, You will get better golf shoe care suggestions.

  • Never put them in your car’s trunk since they will be damaged. The temptation to leave your shoes in the car so that they’ll be ready and waiting when you leave for the game is strong. However, doing so is not a good idea. If your shoes are left in your car trunk for an extended amount of time, the elevated temperatures will have a negative impact on the materials of your shoes. As an alternative, keep them in a cool, dry location in your home.
  • To properly protect the heel of your shoe, it is recommended that you use a shoehorn when sipping out of it. I’m personally guilty of not untying my laces nearly enough, and as a result, muscling my way into and out of my shoes to save time whenever possible. However, I am now aware that this impacts the fit of the heel and, as a result, the comfort of the shoe. Untying the laces and using a horn will go a long way toward preserving the condition of your shoes.
  • Keep an eye on your cleats from time to time: Do your feet ever seem like they’re slipping about when you swing your arms as if you’re performing some weird dance? You likely require a new pair of cleats. They gradually lose their bite as time passes. The availability of wrenches and replacement cleats is widespread, and they are often inexpensive – you would be doing yourself a tremendous favor by purchasing a new set.

Wrap up

It is almost as important as your clubs and balls that you have the proper golf shoes to wear when you are playing golf. They’re also quite costly, to put it mildly. As a result, they should be given the attention they require.

Golf shoe cleaning is quick and simple, and it can be accomplished using items found around the house. The old scrub-and-shine method may keep your golf shoes sparkling and help you to play your best for many seasons to come with frequent use of the old scrub and shine method.

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