What to wear to a golf tournament is the most talked-about topic on social networking sites.

Look, golf is one of the most civilized games globally, and even the crowds of spectators have a fancy word – galleries, rather than crowds – in this case. If you’re going to be a part of it, you should at least appear to be a part of it.

If you want to compete in a prestigious golf tournament or any other type of competition, you need to know what to wear and what to bring to be successful in your endeavour.

The rule of thumb is simple in this scenario: your choice of clothing should be smart so that you appear modest and mix in well with the surroundings. You should avoid wearing anything that could distract the golfers or cause other spectators to become distracted.

However, we can go deep – we can get deep into selecting clothing for men and women individually, for example. Let’s go ahead and do it. You can read our another popular article about what is a golf caddy?

What To Wear To A Golf Tournament

what to wear to a golf tournament

You don’t have to worry too much about what to wear to a golf tournament. The whole purpose is to relax and have fun. On the other hand, you should plan ahead of time to prepare and do not make poor decisions.

Dress Code

First and foremost, check out if the golf course hosted by the tournament has a dress code. Golf is a historical, conservative sport, and dress codes frequently reflect its background.

Men’s dress codes may include collared golf shirts, slacks, or longer shorts. Women may be asked to wear sleeved tops and longer shorts. There may also be restrictions on the type of cleats you can wear on your golf shoes; for example, certain courses may not allow metal spikes. T-shirts and jeans are generally inappropriate golf clothing, especially for tournament play.


Consider the format of the golf tournament before choosing your attire.

You may be enjoying a quick buffet breakfast before playing, in which case your regular golf attire should work. However, if the event is a “nine and dine” with lunch after golf or a supper scheduled for the evening after play, you will most likely want to bring a change of clothing for the meal.

Weather Preparation

Many golfers pack clothing and accessories to prepare for severe weather. Make an educated prediction regarding conditions for the course, and bring along a hat or UV protection clothing to shield against the sun’s rays. Jackets and cardigan sweaters are excellent for chilly or windy conditions. Bring along a wide golf umbrella and a waterproof jacket if you expect rain. Most golfers wear a cap, hat, or visor to cover the face from the sun.

What Should Women Wear To A Golf Tournament?

women wear to a golf tournament

Women adore dressing up for special events, and major golf tournaments are no different in this respect. Golf is a refined sport, and the mood is rather guarded.

However, the atmosphere on the course is reserved, as golf is considered a civilized activity by the majority. While dressing tastefully and modestly to fit the event’s theme, one must keep this in mind.

You also don’t want to give up your comfort to do this. Consider the following tips on how to dress, which is targeted specifically at women:

  • Avoid wearing garments that are too tight, too low-cut, too brilliantly colored, or too lacking.
  • Classic styles work best and may be dressed up with trendy accessories.
  • Suitable shoes are required because guests will be walking through grass, sand, and even mud to see the golfers. A solid pair of sandals, as well as some stylish tennis shoes or flats, are ideal. Heels are not advised. If you must wear heels, make sure they are wedge heels. Flip-flops are not recommended since they can cause an ankle sprain. They’re also pretty loud and can be annoying.
  • Remember that heavy makeup does not work well for outdoor activities, especially in hot weather. For a new look, apply sunscreen and a little coating of makeup.
  • Wear a hat with a wide brim or a visor to keep the sun off your face.

What To Wear To A Golf Tournament Dos And Don’ts As A Women


  • Modest sundress
  • Capris
  • Short-sleeved or sleeveless blouse/shirt
  • Skirts or shorts (nice slacks in cooler weather)
  • A helmet, visor, or cap with a wide rim
  • Sturdy sandals
  • Tennis shoes or flats that are comfortable
  • Windbreaker or cardigan


  • Printed tees
  • Short-shorts
  • Tube tops
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Spandex
  • Jeans
  • Flip-flops
  • Heels

What Should Men Wear To A Golf Tournament?

mens wear a golf tournament

Okay, I understand that when it comes to what to wear to a golf tournament, men are not as concerned about their appearance as women are most of the time. However, when it comes to golf, there are several considerations that men should bear in mind and women.

Here are a few simple tips:

  • Dress in neutral colors with nothing too showy. You might be a source of distraction for golfers and television viewers alike.
  • Solid colors are more visually appealing than bold stripes or designs.
  • Some clubhouses have dress codes that specify that men must wear collared shirts. Something casual, such as a polo shirt, is suggested.
  • Tuck your shirt in and secure it with a belt.
  • It is inappropriate to advertise your favorite sports team on your tee-shirt or hat.
  • Stay away from the temptation to put on your golf spikes. Tennis shoes that are comfortable will be most effective.

What To Wear To A Golf Tournament Dos And Don’ts As A Men


  • Khakis
  • Nice short
  • Golf shirt
  • Oxford button-down shirt
  • Cap
  • Solid-colored windbreaker
  • Tennis shoes, durable sandals, or loafers


  • Jeans
  • Cut-offs
  • Gym shorts
  • Tee shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Golf shoes (spikes)
  • Flip-flops

There is an underlying etiquette when it comes to golf’s dress code. Pro tournaments like the PGA and LPGA have fairly restricted rules to maintain a certain level of tradition and etiquette. It’s never a bad idea to check in with course management while organizing your attire for your next tournament.

What Are The Things That You Should Bring To The Game?

Now that you know what to wear to a golf tournament, it’s time to figure out what you should bring. You don’t want to carry around a lot of goods because you’ll be roaming around the golf course for most of the day.

If you are permitted to bring a bag, a backpack with shoulder straps would be convenient to transport. These were popular at the 2012 PGA Championship on Kiawah Island. However, bags are no longer permitted under current PGA standards. Clear bags are advised.

Children are welcome at major golf tournaments, which may surprise you. However, running and disorderly conduct are not permitted, so you must manage young children.

However, it would be best if you were very specific about what you intend to bring to the course. Here is a list of items to bring to the golf course —

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Bug spray
  • Poncho for rainy days
  • Umbrellas without sleeves
  • Binoculars without a case
  • a camera with a lens less than six inches (only on practice rounds for major tournaments)
  • Mobile phone (must be on silent)
  • Small compact foldable chair without chair bags
  • Money for parking, refreshments, and souvenirs

This year’s PGA Championship taught me something new. Plastic rain ponchos are an excellent purchase. They are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for carrying in a pocket or backpack. If you’re in the stands, an umbrella is more troublesome to hold and must be closed when the game is on.

What Not To Bring To A Golf Game?

Now that you know what to bring, here are some things you should keep at home. Tournaments frequently publish a list of prohibited things, so always double-check those.

  • Bags larger than a tiny purse (must exceed 6 X 6)
  • Clear bags larger than 12 x 6 x 12
  • Cups and containers constructed of metal, glass, or plastic (exceptions are made for medical or infant needs)
  • Pets (service animals are okay)
  • Coolers
  • Alcohol
  • Weapons
  • Large chairs with wide armrests
  • Signs
  • Radios
  • Video cameras
  • Signs and banners

Manners For Golf Tournaments

Here’s some advice on how to behave during a golf event.

  • Only request an autograph before or after a competitor enters the practice area or leaves the scorer’s area. There may be a separate area set up for autographs.
  • Don’t approach other golfers on the course. Cheers and encouraging remarks are acceptable but don’t try to strike up a discussion.
  • Don’t try to give any gaming tips. Your opponents are more likely to know what to do than you are.
  • Never, ever touch the ball. A shot can go out of bounds on occasion. If a shot is fired at you, try to dodge it.
  • When a player is prepared for a shot, do not move, laugh, or talk. Many players find these actions irritating and distracting.
  • Avoid using derogatory language. Children may be there, and those offended will most likely be unable to leave because these events can be highly packed.
  • You should avoid making disparaging remarks about other players. The golfer’s family and friends may be nearby.
  • It is considered quite impolite to taunt or jeer at a player. Cheering is encouraged after a golfer makes a shot.
  • If alcohol is served, don’t consume too much of it. Often, drunk spectators are asked to leave.
  • It is strongly advised that you do not smoke in the gallery. If you must smoke, leave the location and consider the direction of the wind. No golfer wants to smell cigarette smoke while calculating their shot.
  • Keep in mind where your shadow is if the event occurs in the late afternoon. Keep it out of the golfer’s line of sight as much as possible. If you can’t get anything out of the way, attempt to remain as still as possible.
  • Take care not to obstruct the view of others behind you.

Wrap Up

Now that you know what to wear to a golf tournament and how to act, you’ll be happy to experience your next golf tournament with style.

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