Amateur golfers often underestimate golf grips, opting for whatever has the best-looking patterns or is tied to the relevant brand golf club. However, the finest golf accessories can make life easier and a new grip, giving a club a better beginning. The one you’ve met with scepticism for years might become your best companion in no time. They can also be synchronized with color to compliment your favourite team’s colors. Let’s look at our version of the Saplize Golf Grips review.

It may seem self-evident to emphasize the importance of the golf grip as it is the sole thing that encounters your palms all through the swing. However, as a result, if your grip is not able to perform in your way, your shots are not likely to go wherever you want them to just because your palms are slipping or the grip is still not adapted to your hands. So, in this article, we have reviewed a top-rated golf grip so that you can decide whether to consider it or not. Let’s look at our version of the Saplize Golf Grips review.

Things to Consider When Buying Golf Grips

saplize golf grips review

But before we give you our Saplize Golf Grips review, let’s look at the things that you must look out for in golf grips before buying.



Just as we ensure we get perfect shoe sizes for our feet, we should ensure that we get perfect golf grip sizes for our hands. The core measurements for golf grips seem to be undersize, standard, midsize, and oversize. Make sure the grips you select are appropriate for your palms. Surprisingly, there isn’t much of a distinction between the sizes. However, a tiny change has a significant impact.

Several players change the grip size by removing or adding layer upon layer of tape between both the shaft and the grip. However, a professional fitter will be able to determine the size that will be best for you. 


Rubber, cord, and leather are only the three different materials used in golf grips. Rubber is by far the most durable and prevalent material in many golfers. At the same time, a cord is terrific for damp environments and is suitable for golfers who have sweaty hands. Leather is much less common.

Buy a Bundle 

Although grips can be bought individually, it is far better to buy them altogether if at all possible. Purchasing grips in a bundle/ set ensures that you will get a grip for each one of your clubs at the lowest price available.

For instance, the grip on your pitching wedge might see a lot more coverage than that of the grip on your three iron. A quick and easy replacement can be bought to remedy the situation when one grip lags behind others.


The golf grip should feel good in your palms. Because everyone’s hands are distinct, the various materials used will affect how each player reacts. Therefore, playing shots and getting your fingers to feel the best grip appears to be a viable way to figure out what is suitable for you and, more notably, what is not suitable for you.

“Tacky feel” is among the most recent innovations in golf grips. Individuals get the feeling that their palms are almost locked on the club because of the “tacky feel.” Through just this stuck impression, you can relax your grip and allow your grip and palms to do their job.

Also, understanding the difference between firm and soft is crucial. Firmer grips are preferred by tour players as well as fast swingers because they provide better torque control, and they may allow players to use lighter grip force. On the other hand, softer grips might well be preferred by older players because they end up making swinging more relaxed.

Resistance to Slippage

non slip surface

The grips on your club that provide slip resistance are crucial. And this is what gives you power over your club, your swing, and, ultimately, your ball.

Powerful slip resistance will require less force to handle the club and keep power as you swing comfortably.

Also, the texture is unquestionably among the most crucial attributes that affect slip resistance, which is far from the only factor to consider. 

Shock Absorption/Feedback

The threshold of shock absorptions and feedback in your grips go together. But unfortunately, they’re opposites, and they’re both critical, which is why users must strike a fine balance between these factors.

Types of Golf Grips

Rubber Grip

Almost all of today’s best golf grips have all been made from rubber, but some have different compounds that aid in various situations or provide different sensations. After wool golf grips started falling out of fashion, leather golf grips became the standard.

Corded Grip

Corded grips are rubber grips but with a textured cotton fiber protruding from the surface, giving them a rough texture and moisture-wicking properties. 

Wrap Golf Grip

Wrap golf grips, such as old tennis club grips, have traditionally been made from thin strands of leather fastened to the all-around upper end of the golf rod. However, this design of golf gripping isn’t any longer popular.

Putter grips

Putter grips are generally not straightforward. 

Often, these putter grips used to have a plain front in which the thumbs were anchored, with thick tops thinning to the bottoms. However, the industry for putter grips has accelerated in recent years.

Now let’s come to the Saplize Golf Grips review. We have tried to discuss this product overall. At the same time, we have attempted to find out all the good and bad aspects of this product. Let’s dive in then.

Saplize Golf Grips features:

  • Saplize Golf Grips has a simple design style.
  • Conventional debossing structure on completely black rubber has some basic, pale projectiles and lines.
  • The quintessential debossing design gives it a fashionable and classy look.
  • It also has anti-slip properties and abrasion resistance, which stops it from slipping and gives incredible stress permeation and stabilization.
  • Shock-absorption technique inside the grip keeps it in excellent condition in any situation.
  • The proper consistency of the rubber offers a wonderful grip on the club and promotes durability while playing.
  • 13 grips and 15 free tapes are included in the package.
  • The tapered shape is available in sizes: standard and midsize. The standard weighs 55g, whereas the midsize weighs 65g.
  • You can choose any from the four accent colors available.
  • It performs well in all types of weather. Anti-skid texturing covers the grips again for the top standard of slip resistance in poor weather.

Our analysis and Saplize Golf Grips Review

golf grips
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Saplize golf grip offers high quality 

Most renowned grips feature multi-compound substance and high-quality styling, and it’s easy to see the reason why once you consider the efficiency they provide. Our Saplize golf grip review checks both of these boxes and more, with a range of other useful characteristics.  

Suppose you’re looking for the top golf grips for the money. In that case, Saplize golf grips are high quality, come at a decent cost, and are made of rubber with unique aging resistance advanced technologies. This ensures that they are durable over a long time period.

Your outcome on the other hits may be limited due to the shock of striking the balls. However, a specialized rubber composition makes up this grip. It effectively absorbs shocks, so you shouldn’t have to worry about blisters or other undesirable effects.

A Complete Golf Grip Set:

This is a complete golf grip set. It involves golf grip tape, also 4 oz of golf grip solutes, a particularly unique rubber vice–clamp, as well as a golf hitch blade knife, in addition to 13 club grips. All of these items provide you with everything you’ll require to re-grip your golf clubs quickly and correctly. 

It works excellent even in bad weather

Besides the thirteen grips, fifteen complimentary tapes are also included in the kit. So, if one starts breaking, you can immediately replace that without spending any additional money.

These are also mainly aimed to prevent moisture from negatively impacting your grip. The perfect cotton cord would then keep your palms sweat-free on the game, preventing the club from slipping from your finger. This is why Saplize Golf Grips are an excellent choice for humid weather and, in particular, for golfers with sweaty hands.

You can choose from any color

All such grips seem to be black with a color accent of your choosing. Again, you may choose from red, blue, white, or green for an accent color. Different colored grip designs make it easier to find the ideal position for your hands every time.  

It has got complaints too

A few golfers discovered that these grips weren’t as sturdy as they’d like, but for the price, they’re still excellent, in our opinion. However, some also considered that these golf grips don’t fit well.

If somehow solvent leaks during the installation, the dark dye will leak to the colored section of the grip. So, you have to keep that in mind while analyzing the Saplize Golf Grips review. Besides, others found the lower section to be smaller than others while some reported that they faced difficulties when installing them.

Our Final Verdict

However, we would still recommend this as it’s quite a good option for the features it provides in a reasonable price range. Furthermore, given that the item is still relatively new in the market, we think they still aim to give you the best assistance for almost all of your sporty needs.

Many golfers will spend time analyzing which balls to use, whether or not to transform their driver or putter, or even whether or not to alter their golf shoes. However, they frequently overlook the grips just on clubs, which is an important consideration too.

Because the grip seems to be the only part of the club you contact while golfing, getting the correct grips for one’s clubs can help you to improve your game. It’s critical to find the appropriate grips for your clubs and ensure they’re safe to use and tidy. In this case, Saplize Golf Grips could be an excellent choice.


  • Anyone who enjoys customization will appreciate the fact that there are several color options available, much more than many grips available on the market.
  • Multi-compound substance provides superior consistency and non-slip properties, while the lower side section provides high input.
  • Regardless of the fact they’re high-quality putter grips, they’re still very inexpensive.
  • For accomplished golfers, this club is highly durable and efficient; it allows you to generate peak energy without exercising excessive pressure.
  • Punctate deboss print quality offers good traction as well as moisture resistance.
  • Throughout a competition, it can enhance confidence and make you feel secure.
  • Tapes and solvent are included to help with re-gripping.
  • Good shock absorbers.
  • Durability has been improved.
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Very good stress absorption as well as stabilization.
  • Instructions are simple to follow. For even novices, it’s very simple to set up and use.
  • Appropriate for use in any weather.
  • Offers a complete refund.
  • The price is reasonable.


  • Installing it is difficult.
  • It’s possible that the grip isn’t well-fitting
  • Solvent might leak, resulting in color to bleed
  • Many users demanded the lower section to be larger


Golfers must replace their grips far more frequently than they actually do. A proper selection of grips could make a pair of clubs work differently. So, if you’re having trouble gripping the golf clubs, investing in a different batch of grips is indeed a clever way to gain more control.

However, several various golf grips are available in the market, each with its own set of advantages and characteristics. This article tried to compare the good and bad aspects of the Saplize Golf Grips review. Hopefully, our article will help you make your mind on Saplize Golf Grips.

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