A rangefinder is an essential golf device that can play a crucial role in golf. With time, there is an increase in distance-measuring devices for golf in the market. And the WOSPORTS golf rangefinder is one of them. Also, this low-priced device provides the accuracy of many expensive golf rangefinders. In this article, we will discuss a detailed WOSPORTS golf rangefinder review

Are you looking for an excellent rangefinder at a low price? Well, you have landed at the right place. We will also discuss how this rangefinder provides value for your money and why it is among the best rangefinders available today. After reading this WOSPORTS golf rangefinder review, you can make an informed decision. Also, you will be able to choose the perfect rangefinder to measure distances in your game. You may also read our other golf rangefinder review here which is BOZILY golf rangefinder.

All About WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

The WOSPORTS golf rangefinder comes with an upgraded battery cover and unmatchable high accuracy. This rangefinder can measure distances between 5 yards to 800 yards with 250 yards for flag lock. Besides, you can hold this rangefinder in your hand to use it. Also, you can use this rangefinder anywhere and any day in any weather condition. It is because this device is water-resistant and fog-proof.

Furthermore, you can measure the distance between yards units or meters units. You have to press the Mode button for about three to four seconds to switch between units of distance. And this way, you can use your preferred unit without any extra effort.

Additionally, this rangefinder comes with a slope mode feature. And you can turn it on/off according to your requirements and situation. Also, this WOSPORTS rangefinder has an automatic shut-off feature. You do not have to worry about turning it off after measuring the distance. It will turn off itself after use.

Moreover, WOSPORTS rangefinders have upgraded battery covers attached to them. These covers are inseparable from the range finder. This is because the battery of the rangefinder will not get lost. Thus, the WOSPORTS rangefinder is the most convenient and versatile for all golfers.

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What features does WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder offer?

Here we will briefly review the WOSPORTS golf rangefinder, its ergonomic design, and amazing features. Also, how this device stands out among most rangefinders available on the market.

Switching between meters and yards

The WOSPORTS rangefinder is for everyone. It is because you can switch between your preferred unit for distance measuring. You can select units according to location, weather, and other factors. You can change the unit from yards to meters and vice versa by holding the mode button for three to four seconds. Therefore, you will know what to expect and get more reliable and accurate results.


You can measure the distance between 5 yards to 800 yards using the WOSPORTS rangefinder. Most of the flags fall between the range of 5 to 800 yards. Therefore, 800 yardages make this rangefinder high quality for the golfer.


The WOSPORTS rangefinder comes with 6x magnification. It gives clear and better images that calculate accurate measurements. Because higher magnification means sharper and brighter images. Ans it will lead to better and accurate measurements for the best shots and results. As a result, this helps you choose the right club for a better shot.

Flag lock vibration

WOSPORTS golf rangefinders are able to notify the golfer when the pin locks the target. It will provide extra confidence and satisfaction to the golfer. With this jolt feature, you will not have to make an effort to find out if there is a flag lock or not.

Additionally, this device gives a soft vibration. On the other hand, other rangefinders make disturbing and awkward vibrations. Therefore, this rangefinder is very reasonable and user-oriented.

Target lock

The WOSPORTS rangefinder offers a pin seeker with slope mode technology. This pin-seeker technology for locking the object gives more accurate results. It works just like other excellent and high-quality rangefinders. This rangefinder captures the target flag distance and locks it. Then, it gives precise and correct measurements.

Fog and Speed Mode

WOSPORTS rangefinders have fog and speed modes that make them useful for hunting as well. The rangefinder produces clear images from a distance, even in rainy or foggy weather.

Furthermore, a metal case protects this quality device from moisture. Thus, these rangefinders are fog proof and water-resistant. It is actually equipped with slope switch technology. It helps measure hills, mounds, and if there is anything between these.

Range and scan modes

The range and scan modes in the WOSPORTS golf range finder give you better results. When you spot the object, you have to press the power button. It will display the final distance on the LCD screen. After viewing the distance on the LCD screen, press the power button and range at the same time. It will switch to scan mode. This scan mode allows you to measure the distance between any two points within the golf course. Consequently, the data will keep changing on the LCD display while you move on the course.

Diopter adjustment feature

The diopter adjustment feature in WOSPORTS rangefinders is for more unobstructed views. This feature makes this rangefinder suitable for far and short-sighted golfers. It happens due to its fast measuring technology.

Flag acquisition

The WOSPORTS golf rangefinder comes with advanced flag acquisition. It gives you a clear target without background objects and removes hazards. With this, you can shoot the flag distance. And you can achieve better results with more convenience.

Additional WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder Accessories Review

The WOSPORTS golf rangefinders include a rubber grip, a carabiner shape, a cleaning cloth, a battery cover, a CR2 battery, a carrying case, and a lanyard. Further, it also has a battery with an upgraded case and a user guide manual.

Features And Specifications

In this section, we have written a summary of all the features to save your time. So that you can have a quick and short WOSPORTS golf rangefinder review.


Magnification6xProductGolf Rangefinder
Lens CoatingFully Multi-coatedModelH- 100AG
Slope/vibration TechnologyYesProduct CompanyWOSPORTS
ColorBlack/WhiteDimensions2.76 x 0.79 x 1.57 Inches
Water ProofYesWeight223 grams
Carrying CaseYesSize905nm
Inseparable caseYesLaser TypeHanded
Fog ProofYesFlag Lock Range250 yard
Measure Accuracy+/- 1 YardField of View7.5 degrees
Sports TypeGolf, Hunting, Other Outdoor
activities, etc.
Measuring Time0.1 – 1 second
Objectives lens22 mm
Exit Pupil diameter3.7 mm
Power supply3v CR7 battery
Battery Capacity750 mah

Is it worth buying a WOSPORTS Rangefinder?

The WOSPORTS golf rangefinder is worth buying. Because it is excellent, has a reasonable price, and measures accurate distances. However, it has a relatively short battery life than other rangefinders. This WOSPORTS device model is way better than many other available models on the market.

Further, this rangefinder comes with an 18 months warranty for each sale. You can claim replacement or repair if this device develops any faults or flaws in that time. Moreover, WOSPORTS provides its customers with friendly customer service 24/7. Thus, you can call their customer support center when you need any help or are facing any challenges.

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How can you use this WOSPORTS golf rangefinder?

This golf rangefinder is an excellent high-quality product that is very easy to use. But if you have any problem installing the battery or using it, you can read the product user manual guide. However, we have mentioned the steps below to use this rangefinder.

  • Install the batteries and click on the power/start button for booting.
  • You can click on the Mode button for 3 seconds to switch between units of yards and meters.
  • After aiming at the intended target line, click the power button. And this device will provide distance measurement with high accuracy and precision.
  • Then, keep holding the Power/Start button while moving the lens. And the rangefinder will lock the flag, vibrate and send you a notification when the flag enters the lens.
  • The rangefinder will shut down after 10 seconds without operation.

What accuracy can you expect from this WOSPORTS rangefinder?

The WOSPORTS golf rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders with high accuracy. They are accurate for distance measurements ranging from 5 yards to 800 yards with an error of just +/- 1m +/- 1 yard. It gives you reliable and precise distance measurements. It is because this rangefinder comes with a field view angle of 7.5 degrees, a level 1 laser, and a camera. As a result of its high accuracy rate, it is not only for golf. But it also works for engineering measurements, hunting, and many other outdoor activities.

Pros And Cons

We have outlined the pros and cons of the WOSPORRTS rangefinder. So that you can choose the product according to your needs.


  • The WOSPORTS rangefinder is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • These are very cost-effective.
  • This rangefinder has a perfect LCD display.
  • It is lightweight, portable, and fits in your hand.
  • You can easily switch between yards and meters units to calculate distances.
  • The advanced flag acquisition and the diopter offer help deliver more accurate results.
  • Their range modes and flagpole lock enable them to identify a flag stick.
  • This range finder works best for hunters due to its fog and speed modes.
  • The range finder and upgraded battery cover are inseparable. Thus, the battery cannot disappear.


  • Some people need the practice to measure accurate yardage on this rangefinder.
  • This golf rangefinder has short battery life.

What are some care tips you should keep in mind while using this WOSPORTS golf rangefinder?

Here are a few things you should remember when using this golf rangefinder.

  • Try not to stare into the laser beam of this range finder.
  • Do not point this range finder towards the sun.
  • You should not select transparent measuring surfaces, including water, transparent glass, etc.
  • When you are using the WOSPORTS range finders, you need to select an object with more than 3 meters of distance.


Is WOSPORTS a reliable brand?

WOSPORTS  is a company with great manufacturing quality, accuracy, and functionality. They are relatively new in manufacturing range finders. But, they come up with innovative ideas for their customers at a great price.

What is the average size of the golf rangefinder?

The dimensions of WOSPORTS rangefinders are 2.76 inches x 0.79 inches x 1.57 inches. Therefore, it can be portable and carried around using a wristband.

What factors affect the range capability of this golf rangefinder?

There are a few factors that affect the ranging capability of this range finder. First, the environmental factors, such as sunlight, rain, fog, and the concentration of water vapour in the air. Another factor is the target reflectivity i.e., range capability increases with a higher reflectivity object. And last, the shape of the targets i.e., the ranging capability decreases with small and uneven objects.

Are these WOSPORTS golf rangefinders legal on the golf course during tournaments?

This rangefinder is legal in tournaments, including the USGA and NCAA.

Are WOSPORTS rangefinders only for golf?

These golf rangefinders will also work for hunting and outdoor activities besides golf. It is because they have a higher accuracy rate and other innovative features.

Final Thoughts

The WOSPORTS golf rangefinders have a compact design, affordable price, and unmatched accuracy. Thus, they are famous among beginner and professional golfers. After reading the WOSPORTS golf rangefinder review, you know anyone can use this. It will help to improve their game due to its easy operation and best quality.

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