Kirkland is a brand relatively new to the world of golf and is now being offered by Costco as its store brand. The question still stands: who makes Kirkland golf clubs if Costco is a retailer and not the manufacturer?

Now, for the benefit of those reading this outside of the United States, there is something important to note. The Costco Wholesale Corporation is a private club open to its members and operates out of the United States.

Costco is rated as one of the top five retailers worldwide and among the top 10 most successful corporations in the Fortune 500 list.

Kirkland Golf Clubs

who makes kirkland golf clubs

Before you know who makes Kirkland golf clubs, here’s a small history lesson. Golf industry sources believe that a separate company manufactures the Kirkland brand of golf clubs. Then it re-brands for sale to Costco members.

The Kirkland Signature KS1 putter debuted first and looked like Ping’s famed Anser.

The KS1 is 345 grams in weight, composed of 303 stainless steel, and features a machined insert. It has a SuperStroke Countercore Mid-Slim 2.0 Grip and measures 34.5″ in length.

A three-piece wedge set has been added to Kirkland’s lineup after the success of the putter of KS1. There are three different-sized wedges, each with a different degree of inclination (52, 56, and 60). The single downside of these wedges is that you can only use them for one type of bounce.

Although we cannot state with absolute certainty, it is believed that the KS1 & Kirkland wedges are produced in China. It is manufactured at a factory that also produces clubs for various other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Clubs?

Kirkland is a newer company that has made a name for itself in the golf equipment industry. Compared to other golf clubs, Kirkland’s are cheaper, but who makes Kirkland golf clubs?

When asked who makes Kirkland golf clubs, Costco has always remained mum. The manufacturer of Kirkland golf clubs is a mystery; yet, it is likely either Callaway or SCDC. Even though Kirkland golf clubs are sold at Costco, the likelihood of Costco being the manufacturer is low.

The name of the manufacturer of Kirkland golf clubs has remained a closely guarded secret ever since Costco began selling them.


Does Costco Make Kirkland Golf Clubs?

kirkland golf clubs

So, actually, who makes Kirkland golf clubs? Although Costco is not involved in the production of Kirkland golf clubs, they are the most crucial retailer of such clubs. There is no publicly available information regarding the manufacturer of the golf clubs. However, it is most likely to be a company such as Southern California Design Company (SCDC) or Callaway.

Costco frequently sells things that other well-known brands manufacture at low prices. To give one illustration, the Kirkland coffee beans available at Costco are identical to those available at Starbucks. Even the label acknowledges that Starbucks is responsible for the roasting.

At Costco, you may find many products like this one. There are situations when the maker of products sold at Costco wants to remain nameless. Since the name of the company that makes Kirkland golf clubs isn’t mentioned anywhere. You won’t find it on the product label/ the Costco website or in the manual, so all we can do is speculate.

And those who make Kirkland golf clubs may have some agreement with Costco. This prevents them from disclosing this information. And this may be because the manufacturer also produces more costly golf clubs. They don’t want the general public to know that they make cheaper counterparts sold at Costco.

The History of Costco

costco kirkland golf club

To dive deeper into who makes Kirkland golf clubs, you need to know the history of Costco. On July 12, 1976, Sol Price & his son Robert opened the first Price Club warehouse near San Diego. This marks the beginning of Costco as we know it today. The corporation has grown through acquisitions and mergers. It now operates out of 804 warehouses worldwide. And 558 of it is in the United States and its territories.

On September 15, 1983, the first Costco warehouse (aka retail outlet) opened in Seattle.

In 2016, Costco made its first step into golf equipment again by launching the Kirkland Signature’s golf ball, adding to its extensive selection of food, optical goods, pharmaceuticals, and travel necessities.

A Kirkland Signature putter and a trio of Kirkland Signature wedges have been available at Costco since 2016.

In-Store golf products at Costco

The year 2016 saw the introduction of golf into the Costco universe with the Kirkland Signature line of golf balls launched. Customers could also find Kirkland Signature Wedges on store shelves shortly after that.

Over time, a greater number of products, such as putters, gloves, as well as other things, were introduced.

It is abundantly evident that they’ll be acquiring a larger market share. Why? Because the cost of their items is competitive (at 1/2 the price of any comparable club of the big brands).

About the KS1 putter, it’s critical to be aware that the USA doesn’t produce these putters. The putter of KSI is crafted from stainless steel, has a head with a weight of 345 grams, and is equipped with a SuperStroke counter Core Mid-Slim 2.0. So, it bears an uncanny likeness to the Scotty Cameron putter and is a worthy contender in the putter market.

The same could be stated of the Signature golf balls of Kirkland, which are also three-piece balls and have injections with a dip of 338. It’s manufactured in China and has the same head as the putter of KS1.

It’s a ball quite resembling the original American balls, but it’s apparent that it isn’t the Titleist Pro V1. Yet, typical players will discover that it is an excellent ball for such a price.

Callaway and Costco have collaborated in the past

The leading U.S. golf equipment maker, Callaway, has partnered with discount retailer Costco which makes Kirkland golf clubs (maybe). Additionally, the Callaway Edge was formerly available for purchase at Costco.

This set was well-liked since it included all the fundamental clubs and was a good choice for novice golfers. Because of their high demand, they regularly went out of stock and were hard to find, especially outside the United States.

Because of the success of the Costco Callaway Edge set, which was offered exclusively at that retailer, it is also likely that Callaway has a production arrangement with Kirkland to create their clubs.

The SCDC Is Another Potential Manufacturer

The SCDC is an additional candidate for the position of who makes Kirkland golf clubs. Carlsbad is home to the headquarters of this product development company that is best recognized for its work in creating golf equipment for other manufacturers.

The United States Golf Association has said that the SCDC is the manufacturer of a portion of the Signature wedges of Kirkland; therefore, it may also produce all of its clubs. On the other hand, Costco hasn’t ever corroborated any of the claims.

Because Carlsbad is home to many other companies that manufacture golf equipment, including Callaway, it is plausible that the SCDC is also the manufacturer of Kirkland golf clubs.

Are the Golf Clubs Sold at Kirkland’s Made in China?

The golf clubs Kirkland sells are not produced in China, despite the rumours. So, it could come as a shock to learn that their golf balls are made in China! You can tell if golf balls were manufactured in China by looking for a stamp that reads “Made in China.”

Even though many people are reluctant to patronize businesses that source their products from other countries, you might want to consider purchasing golf balls at Costco because they are more affordable than those sold by competing brands.

So, you must be aware that, according to evaluations, the durability of the golf balls sold by Kirkland isn’t on par with that of other manufacturers of golf balls.

Who Are Some of the Largest Manufacturers of Golf Clubs?

Callaway, TaylorMade, & Cleveland Golf are three of the most prominent names in the golf club manufacturing industry. These are some of the world’s most well-known brands, and most of their production takes place in the United States.

Due to the widespread recognition of these brands, many people have the misconception that any one of them is the manufacturer who makes Kirkland golf clubs; however, this is not necessarily the case.

Both TaylorMade & Cleveland Golf undertake most of their manufacturing work within the borders of the United States.

One of the manufacturing facilities that make Kirkland golf clubs might be located in California, given that most of the largest golf club makers produce their products somewhere in this region.


Kirkland Signature golf balls, putters, and wedges have helped establish Costco as a formidable competitor in the market for golfing equipment since the retailer’s introduction of these products.

Even though Costco does not explicitly state where the golf clubs are manufactured, one can be assured that they don’t produce the equipment even though they refuse to provide this information. So, to answer the question “Who makes Kirkland golf clubs”: it’s either Callaway or SCDC.


What kind of quality golf clubs can you get at Costco?

There’s a consensus among golfers who use Kirkland’s golf clubs that the brand’s wedges are superior to those offered by competitors. This is especially evident when one considers the price concerning the level of quality provided.

Look at the sheer volume of positive comments many passionate golfers have left after buying them online. So, if you are looking at purchasing your first set of golf clubs, this is a reasonable option to consider.

It doesn’t matter what perspective you choose, there is no denying that this item offers fantastic value for the money.

However, they are only available for right-handed people. When you play golf with your left hand, Kirkland golf clubs are not the best choice for you.

In addition, only three parts are included in the package. Therefore, if you are a more experienced golfer who has particular wedge demands, the Kirkland set might not match all of your requirements.

Which Golf Clubs are Included in the Kirkland’s Signature Golf Wedge Set?

Kirkland’s Signature Golf Wedge Set consists of three different clubs. Each of these has an angle ranging from 52 to 60 degrees, with the other being 54 degrees.

When you refer to Kirkland to a large number of golfers, there is a good chance that they will make a sneering remark.

There is no reason to feel ashamed that these clubs have been constructed to be both inexpensive and long-lasting.

Do They Sell Golf Balls at Kirkland?

In addition to golf clubs, Kirkland also has a selection of golf balls for purchase. In reality, it provides two distinct sorts of golf balls you can select. And the one you should be using is determined by your current skill level and the frequency with which you play.

Golfers typically utilize the Pro-V1x with more excellent experience and are looking for the best performance. And the platinum would be a perfect option for those who are just starting or do not play golf very frequently.

How Much Are Kirkland’s Golf Clubs Going to Cost You?

As was said before, the golf clubs sold by Kirkland are available at very reasonable prices. Customers will have the opportunity to pick up three clubs for approximately $166.99.

Regular golfers believe this is a good value because it is difficult to find decent clubs for affordable pricing anywhere else.

So, Kirkland does provide value because it is reasonably priced, has adequate distance & forgiveness, and allows you to purchase it for a fraction of the cost of other brands.

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