There’s nothing quite like having to hit the golf course to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, particularly in these trying times! You’ll want your golf driver in the bag even if you’re playing for pure enjoyment with some friends or competing at a high level in competitions. However, before we dive into our analysis and PGX offset golf driver review, let’s look at the features and qualities that make a golf driver unique and worth buying.

However, if there is one significant threat that all golfers face, fewer or more slices are inconvenient, and finding the perfect driver to solve the slice problem is always quite tricky. Slices are familiar and unexpected, irrespective of one’s golfing expertise. As a result, it’s a good idea to invest in a good golf driver who can effectively reduce slices.

The top-rated drivers over the years have been fine-tuned over time to fit everybody. And yet, sadly, you can’t do the same with a driver as there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all golf driver, and there will never be, even though top brands implement unlimited fully adjustable options in the future. That is why analyzing a golf driver well before buying it is necessary. This article has tried to give an in-depth PGX offset golf driver review. We hope it will help you decide whether to go for it or not.

How To Choose The Perfect Golf Drivers

pgx offset golf driver review
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You most likely have a driver who promises great things and guarantees to minimize slices, but you’re unsure if it is. Again, once you go out and buy one, you ought to understand what golf drivers are and the aspects of a good golf driver.

So, your golfing game would never be the same when you have the correct golf driver. Besides, you’ll have a benefit over golfers who use distinctly average drivers. When purchasing the perfect driver or analyzing PGX offset golf driver review, these are a few key features to look for.

Size And Weight of the Club Head

We are sure you’ve already heard us about the sweet spot, but now’s your chance to learn how you might hit it on a routine basis! While some argue that the larger the driver’s head is, the better the chance of winning. Nevertheless, some competitions and golf courses possess limits as to how large you can go – they declare it illegal and prohibited on their golf course.

Although most drivers are 460 ccs, some are still a little lesser. 460 cc does not appear the same as on every driver. Some people seem to be enormous, while others conceal their size. These industries try to produce the clubhead as light as possible. However, if you want anything heavier, pick a good, heavy shaft.

Driver’s heads were once smaller and mostly made of wood in the earlier days. Now, the professional players almost always use steel and perhaps titanium heads. Please remember that titanium is lighter than steel, enabling larger sizes. However, don’t go overboard with your driver’s head; you must respect your capabilities and just use something you are technically capable of.

Options for Shafts

The breakthroughs in golf fitting technology have absolutely changed the game, particularly for new golfers who can’t even hit any of it. The shaft choices are about finding the ideal combination to achieve the ball velocities you require.

The shaft should be a primary concern for anyone looking to purchase an excellent-performing golf driver. Shaft aids in the reduction of slices and the creation of good ball releases that help to reach maximum speeds.

The shaft of a club does directly impact face placement and precision. In addition, the finest shaft must provide you with enough range to make excellent swings as well as shots.

You would like the golf driver’s shaft to flex towards its maximum potential; one way to achieve this would be to understand your stroke and avoid using just a stiff shaft. However, when you pick a shaft with plenty of flexibility, the launch point may be incongruent, causing you problems.

So, when you’ve decided on the club head you want, look into the shaft options as well. There really are elevated/low start points (that will lead to a high/low launch), as well as different weights.


The angle at which the club’s face cliffs back is known as a loft. One’s swing speed must be matched to the loft of one’s driver, which ranges around 8.5° -15°. 

Ball slicing is simple to execute with a golf driver with a higher loft. Relatively high lofts produce greater backspin, enabling balls to travel faster and encompass greater distances.

Golf players who can generate strong backspin can reduce the amount of sidespin formed by swings with slices. If you choose a driver with such a high loft, you may have to take place.

To summarize, a high loft is indeed a spectacular feature that good drivers must possess in order to reduce slices.


All the greatest golf drivers have one common factor: enhanced technology that aids in one swing and allows individuals to maximize their distance even though they mishit. That’s where forgiveness plays its part. In golf, the word “forgiving” refers to a club’s construction that reduces the impact of bad swings and ball interaction.

Do you really need that much forgiveness? When you’re a beginner, you’ll indeed require a great deal of forgiveness at first because it makes the game more pleasant. Off-center strikes could be a real pain in the neck in your game!

If you want to gain confidence as well as appreciate the difference between a flawlessly struck ball as well as a mishit, we recommend starting with a driver that has plenty of forgiveness.

While using a relatively forgiving driver, there are a few things to consider, including improved control as well as distance. So, to get a lot out of one drive on the narrow holes, one will need a lot of control.

Your driver sets the mood for the remaining portion of your match. An excellent 1st shot that splits the golf course puts you in a good scoring position; however, a poor tee shot could indeed keep your game weak and your optimism shaky. As a result, picking the perfect driver is critical.

How To Make Good Use Of A Golf Driver

pgx offset driver
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  1. Ensure that the ball and tee are nearer to your front foot or even the leg nearest to the goal.
  2. Tee it up high enough that the ball’s surface continues to sit above the pinnacle of the driver club head.
  3. Once carrying your swing and striking the ball, ensure you have a broad enough standpoint to stay balanced. You would prefer a slight standpoint to the side of the shoulder viewpoint.

Many of the most potent clubs and perhaps even swings you’ll ever make throughout golf are with the driver. Make sure you stay grounded and steady throughout the swing also, make sure you also have a firm grip.

  • Once you attempt to play the ball, you would like to be striking it “up” at impact. It is not the same as striking an iron, in which you would strike the ball extra back on the ground. Striking the ball harder will cause it to release higher, giving it much more loft as well as distance.

PGX Offset Driver Features

golf driver

The PGX Offset Golf driver has become incredibly popular for its features. Let’s look at some special features that we were able to distinguish from others in our PGX offset golf driver review.


The clubhead here on this Offset Golf Driver is made of an alloy, which is a widely used material on costly golf clubs. This same clubhead styling is very contemporary. This driver’s loft angle seems to be 10.5 degrees, which is conventional for a usual driver.

The head attaches very well with balls, despite being somewhat heavy, and also, the ball creates a fantastic sound inside the club whenever it goes up. Players can get a different point of view once they step up with the ball upon that tee by adjusting to the clubhead.

An offset club head is designed to aid people who struggle with their swing speeds by operating or controlling the ball with a unique attacking zone on the clubface. The stylish design and offset structure help you hit the ball better posture. In addition, it has a fashionable cover that protects the club from damage.

PGX has worked to build an affordable club made of high-quality components that can improve a player’s ability – particularly in leisure golf.


The graphite shaft is up next in our PGX Offset driver review as Graphite shafts are far from new when it comes to golf, with golfers of any level benefiting greatly from the ability to swing their club faster and much more consistently. The graphite grip, as well as shaft, come standard on the Offset Golf Driver. It’s incredibly light, adaptable, and durable.

This lightweight graphite shaft weighs 78 grams, and it provides the ideal check and balance to the bulky, square-faced usual club head. This offset driver is a mid-weight driver, especially compared to other drivers here on the market, making it ideal for all tiers of golfers. Its sturdy graphite shaft also makes it adaptable to all weather conditions.


The hosel here on this driver has been developed so that the golfer can raise or decrease it to the required lengths. Furthermore, the additional amount can be supported by the item’s head. As a result, based on the weight he wants to add, a golfer could indeed put two grams/ 0.5 g. of plugs.

The customizable weights permit you to personalize each head’s overall weight by relocating tiny metal screws; it thus allows golfers who slice balls left-to-right to spin counterclockwise all around the face, as well as vice versa for anyone who has problems reaching shots directly down into them.

It can be hard to adjust a PGX driver. This takes more time for the golfer to get into the proper position as well as weight. A player, on the other hand, should not be overly concerned. A few clubs can assist players in improving their skills. The X, as well as XL models, seem to have the exact adjustment options.

Square Club Face:

The square clubface on this Driver is intended to help golfers who tend to be wayward off the tee, though it’s not for everyone. Golfers can swing authoritatively with the Pinemeadow Offset Driver. thanks to the square clubface and its anti-slice and hook technology.

Often, these driver club heads have a rounded face. However, the Pinemeadow Offset Driver’s unique square clubface tends to increase the sweet spot, enabling you to maximize your length off the tee.


The PGX Offset Golf Driver’s weightage is relatively balanced, so you won’t have to worry about this being too heavy. In addition, this has an elevated Moment Of Inertia, allowing golfers of any kind of swings and speeds to reach potential, even if they do not even strike the ball in much the same way every time.

This PGX Driver is made to be as light as possible. Its 0811X design is a little larger. However, its driver does have a 199 g. of head weight. Despite this, it remains amongst the most renowned drivers in the lighter weight class. The LX version is eight grams lighter than that of the X model.


With its unique stability-enhancing characteristics, the Pinemeadow Offset Driver is intended to help users strike the ball.

Due to a confluence of things, such as enhanced clubhead pace due to reduced spin rates, which allows one’s ball to fly even farther, this offset driver was shown to enhance your game through an average of 2 yards.

It’s partly due to that same offset design’s weightage, which reduces spin rates as well as allows you to strike it reasonably straight.


The club is designed uniquely. The pattern offers the driver an aesthetic look, eye-catching specifics, and a pleasing appearance. A golfer is more likely to be drawn to the driver for its masterfully constructed shaft. This item’s exceptional feel as well as texture also contribute to its appeal.

Our PGX Offset Golf Driver Review

pgx offset golf driver
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Its innovative features reduce slices

Have you had a hard time swinging? Do you often suffer from a slice affliction? Then this incredible golf driver is really for you! The PGX Offset Golf Driver has an offset as well as an anti-slice feature that reduces slices. And if you’re a complete novice or a beginner, this driver will give you extra accurate shots. The granite shaft here is an excellent deal on a budget. Besides this, the golf driver also has a 10.5-degree loft even.

It will allow you to hit perfectly straight drives

We have found out in our PGX Offset Driver review that it does allow users to hit perfectly straight drives by rounding its golf ball in effect. Including its oversized 460cc clubhead, this even allows you to take relatively long drivers. So, you’ll have a much wider sweet spot, which reduces your chances of reaching off-center.

High Quality Styling in a budget

This incredible driver does have a Black Matte texture that adds to its appeal. As a result, the low price does not reflect such a golf club’s actual performance and effectiveness. The evidence would be in the high-quality gloss black finish, hence why PGX appears to look so stylish and smooth in the first place.

Greater sweet spot with greater forgiveness:

The Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf-Driver has been crafted to provide a satisfying golfing experience to every user. Users familiar with this golf driver usually have Correct Square and drive straight around the club. Besides, the driver is surprisingly light, allowing users to produce more authority on shots while also lowering slices.

It also has a greater sweet spot, which provides a lot of forgiveness among most golfers. But even so, if you want to take full advantage of the more prominent sweet spot, you’ll need to work on the swing to end up making this driver work for you.

The driver comes in two versions

The PGX driver comes in two versions: 0811L as well as 0811LX. Such models are similar in size but have excellent features. The 0811XL model, on the other hand, is relatively small and much more appealing.

Our final verdict:

Basically, the PGX Offset is a one-of-a-kind device as the driver features cutting-edge technology that helps the golfer line up his ball on impact, reducing slice. In addition, this Pinemeadow product has a square face which helps to straighten the item. 

Pinemeadow has developed a club that is accessible to all players and therefore can assist them in lowering their scores. In our PGX Offset golf driver review, we have found that it gives quite the value-for-money experience. We would like to conclude by saying that this driver is especially worth looking at if you’re just going to start and have been battling the slice for quite some time.


  • Thanks to its distinctive offset design, which also tends to increase forgiveness and makes shots more precise than ever, the driver could be used by all types of golfers.
  • Weighting advanced technologies allow higher head speed and lower spin rates, leading to better range results.
  • A slimmer swing is possible with a graphite shaft that can assist precision.
  • When using it, the driver is balanced well and feels exceptionally convenient.
  • The ball won’t curl away thanks to the anti-slice advanced technologies.
  • The item is entirely adjustable.
  • It has a contemporary and appealing appearance that enhances a golfer’s esteem.
  • The clubs are high-quality and long-lasting.
  • There are two choices for flexibility.
  • The item is light due to the substance used. And with little exertion, the golfer could still swing.
  • This driver is budget-friendly
  • When the clubs are not being used, they are protected by the accessible headcover.
  • The item has a massive sweet spot, making every shot enjoyable for the player.
  • If you’re a right-handed player looking to cut down on your slice, this is the club for you.
  • The driver is smooth to the touch black with white and green accents.


  • This has a relatively short shaft compared to certain other drivers in the same category.
  • Because of the offset design, these can be tough to target straight, but this feeling fades after a while.
  • Offers less length than the driver with no offset variants.
  • It’s possible that this game isn’t appropriate for top-level golfers.
  • The paint quickly fades.
  • Changing the product is a difficult task.
  • Packaging is inadequate
  • The material isn’t of notably high quality.
  • Some users complained that the offset was hard to modify.


Each golfer understands that the better their driver will be, the better their game will also be. Therefore, we’d argue that the driver is by far the most essential club in one’s golf bag, as well as definitely the longest since its primary objective would be to take the ball much further than probable throughout your opening towards the grass. Notably, a strong driver that eradicates slice must have an elevated loft and help in easy swinging.

We hope that we have presented you with helpful information about the PGX offset golf drivers review. But before you make a decision based on our PGX offset golf driver review, keep in mind the essential aspects of a typical golf driver so that you can easily understand what makes a golf driver better than several others available in the market.

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