EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0, a groundbreaking training aid designed to help golfers of all skill levels improve their swing, power, and accuracy. Golf is a sport that demands precision and consistency, and the Speed Trap 2.0 promises to be a valuable tool in your quest to master the perfect swing. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take you through the features, benefits, and real-world performance of the EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0.

Are you a golf player who wants to make consistent and straighter shots? Well, you are in the right place. The purpose of this article is to discuss in detail the EyeLine golf speed trap 2.0 and its features. This golf trap is a great tool to help you improve your game, and after reading this EyeLine golf speed trap 2.0 review. You will know everything you need to know about it, as well as tips on how to use it.

Main Features

  1. Dual Track Design: Features two tracks to guide club movement and promote a square clubface at impact.
  2. Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only 21 pounds, it can be easily carried and used on any surface.
  3. Adjustable Elastics: Allows for customization of the width of the speed trap to accommodate different club types and swings.
  4. Includes Alignment Rods: The set comes with four alignment rods to help with alignment and ball placement.
  5. Improves Swing Tempo: The speed trap helps golfers to develop a consistent swing tempo and rhythm.
  6. Immediate Feedback: Provides instant feedback on club path, face angle, and swing speed for immediate improvement.
  7. Endorsed by Professionals: Endorsed by multiple PGA and LPGA Tour Pros.
  8. Versatile: Can be used for a variety of drills and training exercises to improve overall golf skills.

All About EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0

The EyeLine basically introduced this golf speed trap 2.0 to help you achieve two things, hit it straighter and hit it longer. It is their mantra. With the EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0, you can enhance your golf game at home or on the range while achieving the perfect swing. Also, this golf trap is a dynamic training aid that you can use to shape your golf shots like never before and boost your contact with golf irons, wedges, woods, drivers, clubs, chip shots, etc.

As we know, golf speed trap 2.0 is the 2nd edition of the speed trap by EyeLine that is unique in every aspect. Further, golf players can perfect their swing with this training aid that uses four rods placed for help them. Furthermore, it works best for both right-handed and left-handed golf players.

Additionally, you can use this golf trap to correct one bad shot; or even shape all of your swings. On top of that, golf speed trap 2.0 literally forces you to swing a golf shot on a specific swing path and escape the rods in whatever shots (i.e., a straight, fade, or draw shot) you want to pull. You can do any shot with the help of this training aid.

What Does EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0 Offer?

Here we will review the updates that EyeLine made to this 2nd generation of the original golf speed trap 2.0 and the features they have added to make golf exciting for players.

Trapping The Ball

Trapping the golf ball means hitting your ball first and then the ground. You will get the ball between the surface and the golf stick and hit the golf ball with a great trajectory creating a longer distance. It is an excellent tool for hitting solid chip and pitch shots.

Swinging On The Plane

The golf speed trap comes with rods that you will miss while hitting a shot to swing the club for shaping the ball. Because if you want to hit your golf ball longer and straighter. Then you will have to know about swinging the golf club between the speed rods. Further, you can control your shots by learning how to swing the golf club outside to inside or inside to out on a swing plane.

How Can You Use The Trap 2.0?

In this EyeLine golf speed trap 2.0 review, we are saying you how to super easy to use this trap. You can start slowly and become an expert with time. Here, we will cover how to take your golf game to the next level by utilizing this golf trap.

To Hit The Ball Straight

This golf speed trap helps you to learn the correct swing path and groove it. You have to set four of the velcro rods for setting this up. As swinging a golf ball is more challenging than it looks, this trap tricks you into hitting the ball straight on the same swing path. In addition to learning how to hit the ball on the right path, you can practice other things like golf ball grip, ball position, and stance to improve your game. Further, this will reduce your faulty and sliced shots and make them straight and consistent.

hitting the ball straight

To Hit A Fade

Most golf players can easily hit outside to inside the swing path because it comes naturally. However, hitting a fade can be a little tricky. Therefore, you can use the EyeLine speed trap to hit slightly outside or in the swing path to hit a fade. In this way, you can practice hitting more reliable and consistent fades.

Nonetheless, for this purpose, you have to put one rod on the left outside and the other one on the left inside to create a swing. It is the way this trap forces you to hit slightly outside to in the swing path while avoiding touching the rods. As a result, you will be able to strike the ball and force it to move in a clockwise rotation to create a perfect fade.

To Hit A Draw

Most players struggle with hitting a draw and missing the slice. The EyeLine speed trap assists you in swinging from inside to outside by adjusting velcro rods. Because you have to hit an extreme outside to inside shot to cause a slice for leaving an impact. Additionally, it may not feel right, but this is exactly what we need to do.

Moreover, in order to hit a slice, you need to place a rod on the left inside and another on the left outside. It is the way this speed trap forces you to hit slightly inside to outside the swing path while avoiding touching the rods. As a result, you will be able to strike the ball and force it to move in a counter-clockwise rotation to create a perfect draw.

hitting golf ball in trap 2.0

Chipping And pitching

The golf speed trap is a popular training aid for chipping and pitching. You can learn to make better contact with the club and ball by constantly practising on this trap. Furthermore, you will be surprised at how strange your lineup and swing plane turn out when you try to take shorter swings.

Furthermore, you should set a minimum distance between all four rods for this purpose. It is the way this speed trap forces you to hit slightly on the tight swing plane while avoiding touching the rods. As a result, you will be able to strike the golf ball by eliminating all the mistakes and errors on the small golf swing plane.

Steps To Get Your Shots Straight Using EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0

EyeLine speed trap 2.0 is intuitive to use, luxurious, and the perfect aid that can get your shots straight just in three simple steps. If you really want to improve your swing and golf game, you can follow the following steps.

1: set up the base and rods for creating a swing plane.

2: Align the centerline with the target; so that you can clearly see the intended line.

3: start hitting your shots but do not hit rods.

golf speed trap

Pros And Cons Of EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0

Here we have the pros and cons of the EyeLine speed trap 2.0.


  • Helps improve swing mechanics and ball-striking consistency.
  • Provides instant feedback on clubface alignment, path, and angle of attack.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, with any club in the bag.
  • Lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport to and from the range or course.
  • Can be used for both full swings and short game shots, such as chipping and pitching.
  • It works fine for any place, including a golf course, backyard, artificial mat, inside, and bunker.


  • The Speed Trap 2.0 is designed primarily for right-handed golfers, which may limit its usability for left-handed players.
  • This golf trap does not give any feedback on hitting thin shots.

Statement Of EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0

Most people love golf, but they do not pursue or even practice it because of their lousy and faulty shots. If you are one of them, you can definitely try this golf speed trap to make your shots better and your golf game exciting. Additionally, the rod tethers in this version 2.0 of the speed trap are built on the strongest base ever. And also, some points have been updated in the design. Once you start using it, there is no going back.

In addition, the golf speed trap 2.0 is broader than usual to make it convenient for the driver and comes with a brighter alignment stripe so that your eyes can clearly see the intended target line. Also, it has a larger slot to trap the ball. You may also follow up on this forum whose name is The Hacker Paradise. There are also many golfers talking about the eyeline golf speed trap 2.0 review.


Who can use this golf trap 2.0?

The golf speed trap 2.0 is a versatile device, and it works literally for everyone. It does not matter if a golfer is a beginner or an expert, a lower handicap golfer or a higher handicap golfer, or if they are right-handed or left-handed. Additionally, it is suitable for those who need help getting their lousy shots straight, creating swings or fades, or even creating a baby draw.

How can you avoid this speed trap from sliding on an artificial mat or at the range?

You can use four tees or rod pegs to keep it in one place and avoid sliding on an artificial mat, at the range, or any slippery surface.

Will this golf trap work for players who hit center face strikes?

Yes, it definitely aids in hitting center face strikes, swinging on the right swing path on the plane, and consistent shots.

How is the EyeLine speed trap 2.0 better than its first original edition?

EyeLine updated the design of the original golf speed trap to help the golf player better. They have introduced some new and better features such as a broader size, longer velcro, a larger space for trapping the ball, a brighter alignment stripe for a better view of the target line, and tethers.

Additionally, the set comes with a carry bag with a zipper pouch. It can hold all of your golf accessories and an instruction manual. It will teach you how to improve your game and make your strikes better.

Final Verdict

The golf trap is our absolute favourite training aid, and we totally recommend it to all golf players. It is such a flexible piece of equipment that you can use it anywhere, including putting greens, chipping areas, bunkers, and the golf course. However, it is recommended to start slow, and with practice, you will keep getting better at consistent shots.


To wrap it up, the EyeLine speed trap 2.0 is an extremely simple, convenient, and effective tool for both beginners and professionals to make their shots straight. We are tried our best to output for you to get an honest review of eyeline golf speed trap 2.0. Further, this speed tap 2.0 is totally worth its price and provides value for your money. Moreover, this speed trap is the best tool on the market to improve your golf swing shots and enhance your performance in the game. you can also read our popular review of Taylormade sim max fairway wood.

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