Robin Golf strives to make the process of finding good quality golf equipment easier in an industry that can be overloaded with showy advertisements and expensive fees. The idea is simple and clear: focus on convenience, style, and fashion. With this set, you’ll get a functional set in just a few minutes, similar to how you’d get a set of glasses. Are you looking for a golf essential set for men? Check out our Robin Golf clubs review for better understanding.

Robin Golf Essentials Set

Robin golf clubs review

The Essentials set from the brand comprises nine clubs, a driver, midrange wood, hybrids, iron, sand wood, a putter, as well as a bag, with a subtle design. Today, we’ll be looking at the Robin Golf clubs review. Their men’s golf package has everything you might want in a golf essential gear.

Why Do You Need a Golf Essential Set?

Three woods, one putter, one hybrid, one wedge, and six irons make up a complete package of golf equipment. Will you truly need all the twelve? Also, are some golfing clubs really unnecessary for the game? It turns out that you must play with your entire set of golf clubs.

The Loft

The loft, or angle of the clubface in the set, is the very first thing that you need to understand regarding your own golf clubs. The height of your shot will impact its range and direction. A higher altitude usually means a higher pathway.

The Driver

Lower clubs, like drivers, get the lowest amount of rising, which allows for further range and movement whenever the shot finally lands. The driver, which is the largest club in the kit along with the lowest height, is often used to tee off when golfing.

The Woods

The woods are used for long fairway shots, which are normally the very first stroke just after your swing. Professionals recommend these for shots beyond one-eighty-five yards towards the flag. Once you’re close to the hole, it may be less than 175 yards from the green, you utilize the irons.

The Irons

The irons are designated three through nine, and they usually shoot within such a ten-yard gap, so a four iron would travel ten yards further than a five iron.

The Putter

The club is the ready tool if you’re still struggling and the ball is stuck in high grass or dangerously near the flag. When the ball is close towards the hole, a putter is also required for rolling the ball from the fairway to the slot.

So, now you know why a full set of golf equipment is needed for getting the result you aim for. Without the whole set, you can get into trouble while golfing.

About Robin Golf The Essentials Set

Golf, according to Robin golf, is the finest sport on the planet. It instills discipline, develops character, and, most significantly, allows players to spend meaningful time with their family, acquaintances, and coworkers. Robin clubs were made to enable a wide range of golfers to have maximum success. They’re made by the same company and with the exact same components as the company’s best-known brands.

Why Should You choose Robin Golf Clubs Essentials Set?

Who said that golf has to be difficult? Robin Golf has added some subtle work to make the experience even easier – a comfortable handle and sensation for all the shots. They’ve been tried and tested by professionals and amateurs equally, and they offer you the advantage you need to play at your finest.

If you’re not competing in the Champions, nine clubs should suffice. They’ve included only the essentials, basics, and commonly used clubs in a golf game. It’s easier to handle, store, and transport, particularly if you’re short on space. These club types are specially engineered, making them suitable if your stroke is a touch off. To put it another way, your ball has a better chance of going in the appropriate direction.

Key features

The key features that define the Robin Golf clubs Essentials Men’s Set are:

Things included in the package

golf essentials set

The driver, high-number wood, iron, combination, sand wedge, as well as putter are among the nine clubs included in this Robin golf kit. It also has a small, lightweight, and robust golf bag with four head coverings to protect the clubs while on the move.

Mature golf clubs with careful details make the game more enjoyable. For gamers of any and all grades, a larger sweet spot provides smoother, cleaner shots, and the soft grip allows you to play entire sets with ease.

Sleek appearance

Robin clubs are basic, elegant, and lovely. This set, which features a flat black polish from start to finish, can give you the look of the ultimate fashionable player on the course.


There is no going back when you’ve discovered the perfect spot. A steel driver with just the right amount of tolerance and strength can help you truly smoke it.

Fairway wood

The wood, graphite wood to be precise, is both smooth and forgiving. If you’re off from a fairway or a stalk of grass, take the long view.


All through the game, the graphite shafts and stainless-steel combination provides the versatility, utility, and power to pull you from tight positions.

Pitching Wedge And Irons

Designed with metal rods and flexible heads to generate straighter, longer, and greater shots in the greens, woods, and well beyond, the set contains a Tee Shot, as well as five, seven, and nine Irons.

Putter And Sand Wedge

It comes with a crafted compact head with a graphite stick designed to bust you out from the ground or dense grasses around greens. Put in place for putt by chipping it in close. For precision, touch, and control, this metal putter is crafted to precision.

Built With Everyone in Mind

Purchasing excellent clubs should not be difficult, which is why Robin Golf makes it easier and more accessible for more individuals to begin swinging.

Buying Guide for Robin Golf Clubs Essentials Set

robin golf

If you’re planning on buying a Robin Golf The Essentials Men’s Set, then you must keep these things in mind before selecting the model.


When purchasing a golf course, the core is one of the most crucial aspects to consider. Most players are frequently confused as they do not have significant knowledge of the rod. When addressing the Rod, there are two critical parameters: the used materials and their flexibility of it.


Golf equipment is constructed of steel or graphite. Each of those materials has its own set of benefits. Golfers can choose between the two tailored to their needs. Metal blades are probably more suited to speedy players who want to keep control of the club.


The flexibility of any club will be determined by the pace of your stroke. There seem to be a variety of golf bends to pick from, and if you’re unsure or confused, you can seek advice from an expert.


Handicaps are used to determine a person’s skill level, particularly in professional tournaments. Many golfers feel that you must buy equipment depending on your personal preferences, while others say that you must buy clubs depending on your score.

There are golf kits for each and every handicap degree, and please remember that handicapped levels change with time. If you purchase it depending on the current handicap level, you’ll have to purchase a new set once your golf skills improve.


When buying golf equipment sets, as with any other commodity on the marketplace, budget is an essential issue to evaluate. It’s also worth noting that more expensive doesn’t imply better when there are several other factors that go into making a decent golf club.

While buying golf sets, you must focus on the utility and weigh that against the cost. It’s pointless to spend all that money on a club that isn’t even a good fit for you. You must also look for golf club offers, as athletic stores occasionally offer deals on sets that have become outdated by two to three years.

Parts to be Set

A collection of golf equipment is made up of various clubs that fulfill distinct duties. Many golfers choose to build their personal kits by buying every golf club separately, whereas others prefer buying a set of golf clubs. Making your custom set of golf clubs from scratch might be mentally challenging because you must choose from hybrid, wood, and metal.

There is no such thing as a perfect collection of golf equipment. When considering the setting construction of the golf clubs, bear that in mind. Choosing golf sets that would blend into the kit is a difficult and time-consuming process too.

Product Reviews

golf golf clubs

For better judgment, we’ve collected a few Robin Golf The Essentials Men’s Set reviews from real-time users.

An honest Robin Golf The Essentials Men’s Set review of  Simon:

My previous set had seen better times, so I wanted to get again into golfing. Upon seeing them on Insta, I ended up giving Robin clubs a try, and I can never be happier. I like how easy it is to purchase clubs, as well as the price, which is difficult to beat for any other brand-new collection of high clubs.

An honest Robin Golf clubs Essentials Men’s Set review of Patrick:

When a friend suggested I look into Robin, I did. I was sceptical of how well a new product will hold up against my equipment from more renowned brands. It turns out that they are pretty durable!

An honest Robin Golf The Essentials Men’s Set review of Edward:

As a result of COVID, I’m engaging in golf again. That’s the only activity I can do along with the gang, this is COVID-safe. After days of this beautiful set enticing me with targeted IG advertisements, I decided to take the plunge. I am quite pleased with my purchase.

Pros and Cons

Though a Robin Golf clubs Essentials Men’s Set is the best setting for both beginners and professionals, there are some pros and cons of this product that you might want to consider.


  • Matte black with a classy appearance.
  • Affordable
  • Both the hybrid and the driver are of excellent quality.
  • Gives both leniency and accuracy for medium to high-level players.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Not for skilled players.
  • The bag that accompanies the set is plain.
  • Numbers 5/7/9 are a bit of a let-down.

How to Take Care of Your Robin Golf Essentials Set

Taking care of your Robin Golf The Essentials Men’s Set is important if you want it to last for a long period. It’s not hard work. All you need is to take good care of your clubs. Here’s what you need to do:


Cleanse your golf set after each round for the best performance. It might not appear to be a big deal, but dust and dirt lodged on the club can hinder it from correctly connecting with your golf ball. After each round, a wet towel can be used for cleaning any dirt that may have accumulated on the stick.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your golf set does not necessitate the use of pricey cleaning chemicals. Clean the golf clubs with lukewarm water and light dishwashing liquid should suffice. Keep your clubs in lukewarm water for around five to ten minutes. A plastic bristles brush is the best to remove any debris that’s stuck in the bristle. Never use the wire ones.


Within the golf bags is the finest spot to keep your clubs. Before storing the clubs, make sure they’ve been washed and dried up completely. Keeping damp golf clubs in the bag can lead to corrosion. It’s critical to keep the golf set in a temperature-controlled environment.


The golf clubs remain shielded from the weather while they’re kept in the golf bag, however, not from one another. Golf club covers will protect the clubs from damage if they come in contact with one another inside the bag. Almost all of the golf bags have a rain canopy that can be used to keep moisture out of the pack and away from the equipment.

Extra Essentials to Keep in a Golf Essential Set:

In a robin golf clubs essential set, you get all the necessary items that will be used and stored for an emergency when you play golf. The items which are generally included in the set along with the main equipment are:

Balls that are brand new

Without ammo, those clubs won’t be of much use.


Shag balls come in handy when you’re having a terrible day or are tired of throwing fresh ones in the lake and woodlands.

Wet Weather Gear

A jacket, cap, pants, and gloves for when it rains are all included in the kit. Make sure that your bag has a cover to keep your sticks dry as well.


When you’re a regular golfer, you’ll eventually be trapped in a rainstorm on the course. When it begins to rain, be ready.

Cards for Business

Golf is an excellent setting for networking. You can not always know who you might encounter on a golf course, regardless if it isn’t a planned business meeting.

First-Aid Kit

A First-Aid Kit is filled with essentials like bandages, wraps, lip balm, Ibuprofen, or even a little knife for removing splinters.


A surprising number of golfers are diagnosed with skin cancer. Participate in the preventative effort.


Towels are extremely important. Keep one is for the clubs, one for the hands, neck, and face, and another one just if it rains.

A Scorecard

There’s a decent possibility of you forgetting to pick up a card in the clubhouse, or your cart might not have one. It’s a good idea to keep a backup.

Socks in excess

Just remember to bring out a pair of socks for use after each round, or you’ll end up with a stench in the bag.


You’ll need around three gloves: one is for training, one is for playing, and another one is a backup.

Bars of Energy

You can hardly predict when the trolley girl will appear. You wouldn’t want to be trapped in a six-hour-long race lacking fuel.

Bottle of Water

In case the water coolers on the golf course are not filled, make sure that you have water bottles before going out.

Robin Golf’s Marketing Strategy

Consumers can sample the clubs danger-free according to the business’s ninety-day refund policy along with a hundred percent cash guarantee. This has been implemented to motivate people who are in the undecided group.

Robin Golf’s aim is to make golf extra accessible and diverse. During the summer of last year, the company reported that it would donate five percent of its revenues to Black-led groups in support of Black Lives Matter, such as the Black Voters Matter Fund as well as Color of Change. The corporation also works with the Youth On Course, sponsoring one kid to perform an eighteen-hole round of golf for each and every set sold.


Robin golf clubs allow a broad range of golfers to have maximum success. The company makes these golf clubs in the same factories and use the same components as that of the best-known brands. Professionals and amateurs, both golfers prefer Robin golf clubs. Essentially, Robin will offer you the boost you need to perform at your optimum. Hopefully, this Robin Golf The Essentials Men’s Set review will help you decide if the set is suitable for you.

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