Are you a beginner golfer? Are you intimidated by the potential number of mistakes you will need to avoid to be considered a golfer? Do not worry; you have come to the perfect place for advice. we will slowly go through everything you need to know, especially the Tiger Woods 5 rules of golf.

It would be hilarious if you began worrying about how to succeed in golf. Why? Because it is one of the most relaxing sports to play as you are not tossed around like a clunky bin bag. You might risk a headache while racing around, like rugby or baseball.

What Is The Game of Golf?

no blown easy saves

Golf is one of the most well-known sports in the world. It is also a relatively simple game.

It is a cross-country game in which a player on a course uses different clubs to hit a small ball into a sequence of holes from numerous starting positions. Hence, the person who can strike their ball in the fewest attempts wins the game.

Is Golf an Easy Game?

Golf is a simplistic game in nature but not easy to play.

Golf may be a highly challenging sport; most people will agree that it is one of the hardest. It is stated that if you have never attempted to play golf, it can be tough to understand how challenging it is to play. 

A relatively small portion of athletes will only ever develop into outstanding athletes or professionals as it is hard to train to be a pro. So, there are many rules you will have to follow, and there are stats you must keep track of to make your strategies.

Mentally, you would have to be strong, as that is the only way you will be able to recover if you hit a terrible shot. You will have to learn to control yourself and not lose composure if you want to recover. Must have some athletic abilities, as you cannot just walk into a fairway and start playing golf.

You would also have to learn what golf equipment works best for you and what you are comfortable with the most. Train daily not to get sore quickly, as an injured knee or bad back may cause you to score poorly.

You would also have to consider environmental factors, as you will not be able to play out on extremely rocky areas with no proper athletic wear. Also, you cannot play outside when it is heavily raining if you are a beginner. Thus, you would have to step out of your comfort zone and play in different locations to truly learn the essence of playing golf. 

However, golfing is a fascinating sport. And golfers constantly find new ways to make an already competitive sport even more challenging.

Vital Stats to Learn About Golf

Driving distance 

Driving distance is crucial. If you can remain in the short grass and use the benefit its length can offer, some players can thrive from the huge stick. However, the truth is that, in the vast majority of cases, using a shorter club should give you a greater chance to approach the flag and give you a higher chance of making a birdie.

Driving accuracy

Driving accuracy can be very important. You have a higher chance of hitting a straight shot to the greens without the uneven grass, causing the golf ball to behave unpredictably. Additionally, professionals can halt the ball on the green from the golf course, which would not be doable from the rough.

Tiger Woods won three times in 2013 and has the 152nd-best accuracy off the tee.

Green in regulation

Greens in regulation are crucial. However, the stats here are not always accurate. Consider a 60-foot-wide green where the pin is on the left side and located six yards from the edge. So, if you strike the right side of the green, your putt would be 40 feet long and require three strokes to sink. If you hit the left fringe, you will be nearer to the hole and have a higher chance of making a birdie. As a result, it is hard to analyze such stats. The same is for putts also. A putt is not considered a putt if it is on the fringe but still very near the hole.


Scrambling is necessary to succeed, as everyone does not manage to hit every green. Tiger Woods’ ability to bounce back from poor drives or poor course placements by making pars while scrambling is one of the reasons he has been so remarkable throughout his career.

Strokes gained in putting are a good start. The person leading in that category for 2013 was Tiger Woods too. He has raised his stroke total on the course by making birdies or eagles, which are attained by accurate drives and second shots.


The stat of scoring is also something to be mindful of in golf. After all, golf’s objective is finishing the game with the lowest score. The golfer with the lowest score wins, regardless of whether they never struck a fairway or hit every single one. The scoreboard only lists how many you scored, not how many you did.

Then, you would have to know Tiger Woods 5 rules of golf, which we will get into very soon.

Who is Tiger Woods?

tiger wood

Tiger Woods is one of the most well-known professional golfers of all time. He won about 13 major golf championships in the twenty-first century’s first decade. In total, he has succeeded in winning about 15 competitive major golf tournaments in his lifetime.

Unfortunately, he was involved in a catastrophic car collision in 2021, which he miraculously survived. However, he injured his leg severely, and so he was not able to play golf since then. But he still plays with the same commitment and desire. Regardless, his dedication and passion for the game will never be forgotten.

When you want to succeed in anything, you must work hard to achieve it. And the same sentiment applies to learning to play golf and then flourishing in the game.

In addition, success in sports such as golf requires the proper training and commitment. However, if you follow some of Tiger Woods’ guidelines and work hard enough, you can thrive in such a sport.

What Makes Tiger’s Influence on Golf So Fascinating?

Tiger Woods’ impact on golf is genuinely compelling. Tiger played sparingly from 2013 to 2017 due to various injuries and other difficulties. During that time, television viewership and attendance decreased for major golf games.

However, when Tiger returned for the 2018 British Open, television viewership rose significantly over the past year. Ratings rose further from the prior year when he returned for the 2018 PGA Championship. He came back and won the 2018 Tour Championship, which had the highest ratings for a subsidiary tournament during the closing round.

This occurrence is dubbed the “Tiger Woods Effect.” The “Tiger Woods Effect” started nearly as soon as he became a professional. When Tiger won the Masters at 21 in 1997, more golf rounds were played on American courses than the year before.

The only person who could defeat Tiger when performing in his prime was only Tiger himself. He has managed to accomplish so spectacularly on multiple occasions.

Tiger Woods swears by his five golden rules of golf, which he has claimed has brought him the success he has right now. Many casual and professional golf players swear by Tiger Woods 5 rules of golf.

What are Tiger Woods 5 Rules of Golf?

Tiger Woods has advised beginner golf players primarily to follow the five golden rules of golf. Lower scores will follow more frequently if all 5 of them are followed.

1. No 6s on Par 5s 

For many players, par 5s provide the best scoring potential in golf. In comparison, par 5s are long enough to convert into long par 4s. And a par 68 course to be turned from a 72-par system is not always feasible. Therefore, while birdies are fantastic, pars will not ruin your round. However, if you score in a bogey or anything worse, you will be spewing spots for the rest of the game and throwing away your best chances.

2. No Double Bogeys 

Of course, it is very challenging to achieve for many golfers, but it is crucial to remember that while bogeys will not ruin your round, doubles will. Unfortunately, most of the time, golfers score double by assembling at least one unforced error. Playing away from the flagsticks, taking your medication, and planning a safe route may not be spectacular, but your scores will increase.

It has been advised by Scott Fawcett, who is the founder of DECADE Golf, that it is best for beginner golfers to break away every time they accidentally strike a ball, and it hits a tree and then play to score a bogey.

3. No 3-putts

The terminal unforced error in golf is three-putting. It is essentially unfeasible to bring down your score after scoring many 3-putts. Losing strokes to par on the field will effectively guarantee your progress to half. Therefore, make sure steering clear from 3-put is your primary concern.

4. No Bogeys With 9-irons 

You may find yourself standing in the center of the green with a 9-iron after striking a solid drive. You may think this might be a great chance to score a birdie. Technically, you are not wrong, but your primary concern should not be to achieve a birdie. Instead, consider this a terrific chance to avoid creating a bogey. Try not to give in to temptation. Avoid any risks, remove the possibility of scoring bogey and collect your par. Thus, you will get plenty of opportunities to make birdies.

5. No Blown Easy Saves
tiger woods 5 rules of golf

You will miss greens a couple of times. It is inevitable, and it will happen. However, when it does happen, it is unfeasible to think that you will be able to make up for the score easily because of an up-and-down opportunity. Thus, you should set an objective for yourself but not get excited when you see an immediate, easy chance to lower your score because of an up-and-down opportunity. Preferably, chip uphill while leaving yourself plenty of green space to work. Getting up and down will be much simpler if you give yourself plenty of those.

Here, we conclude the five rules he has advised younglings to follow.


What do greens in regulation mean?

The term green in regulation (GIR) refers to the ball being on the green in a predetermined range of strokes. In conclusion, a GIR requires the golf ball on the green at “par minus 2 strokes.”

What does scrambling mean?

The efficiency of a player’s short game is determined by a stat called scrambling. Chipping or putting from a distance of under 50 yards results in one putt or less is required on the field.

How many strikes is a double bogey?

A golfer scores a double bogey when they score two strokes over par. Essentially, it is a mark of two numbers higher than the designated official standard score for a specific hole.


Hopefully, we were able to help fellow beginner golfers by thoroughly describing Tiger Woods 5 rules of golf and giving you some tips and tricks here and there, especially if you had any confusion.

These rules are guaranteed not to let you down if you put them to good use and train daily. Hence, you can now effortlessly drive from one hole to another by relaxing and enjoying yourself while seated in your golf cart next time you go golfing.

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