Golf drivers are one of the most critical components of a golf club. Without the right driver, it’s impossible to get the strikes you’re looking forward to. These components have seen significant innovations in the last few decades, but the market seems to have settled on specific designs that work the best. So, should you get it? Well, not before you go through the in-depth review. Let’s look into that first in this Mazel Titanium Golf Driver review.

The Mazel Titanium golf driver offers one such design. However, that’s not the only positive thing about it. It’s also one of the lightest and thinnest drivers out there.

MAZEL Titanium 460CC Golf Driver Review

The Mazel Titanium 460CC driver is one of the lightest and thinnest golf drivers that you can get on the market. Those who have used a Mazel driver already know how good their products can be. In this mazel titanium golf driver review, we try to explain all query.

The Titanium 460CC doesn’t deviate from that. If you’re a fan of light and thin golf drivers, then there’s a huge chance that you’ll love these. Mazel has succeeded in integrating 18 years of experience in this driver. In the following sections, we’ll be taking a look at how Mazel is providing top-notch performance


In this section, we’ll go through the features of the driver that you should know before making the purchase.

CNC Cup Face Technology

First of all, the driver comes with a precision milled face. The face was made using their CNC Cup Face Technology. This allows reducing the thickness of the face, thus making the driver more suitable for playing fast strokes.

Not only that, but this construction also offers a high rebound structure that can deliver fast ball speeds across the face. This will prove to be most useful in the case of a mis-hit, and you’ll find the average distance is much higher than most other drivers.

Large Sweet Spot

One of the best things about this Mazel driver is the large sweet spot. There are a lot of expensive and high-end golf drivers that offer narrow sweet spots. These are tougher to use, and the chances of getting mis-hits on these are much higher. This makes this driver one of the most forgiving golf drivers on the market.

Low Center of Gravity

Those of you who play long and high tee shots know how annoying drivers with a high center of gravity can be. This is another sector where the Mazel Titanium outshines its competitors. This club driver is designed with an extra screw on the back. Thanks to this, you won’t find the excess weight on the driver’s front.

Instead, all the weight is relocated at the back of the driver. This offers a much better experience while playing long and high tee shots. We highly recommend trying out the deeper center of gravity provided by this driver, and we’re sure that you’ll love it.

Titanium Construction

The head material used to construct this golf driver is Titanium 2041. This not only makes the driver thinner and lighter, but it also makes it hotter. The thinness of this driver will make a crisp sound on each stroke, which is very pleasing to hear. One of the core characteristics of this driver is that it creates a fastball delivery while maintaining stability.

Speed Channel

Another fantastic thing about these is the “Speed Channel.” These are essentially trenches that are etched across the face of the driver. This helps in reducing the thickness of the driver’s face. What’s more is that it can increase the ball speed across the driver’s face, which in turn can increase the travel distance of the ball.

Different Types of Shaft Flex

One of the best things about Mazel is that they offer three types of drivers, each with a different level of shaft flex to it. Let’s go through these, shall we?


If you find yourself driving the ball across 250-260 yards, then you should get the stiff flex golf club. This is perfect for mid-low handicappers.


This type sits right between S and R and is perfect for golfers who drive their ball from 240-250 yards.


Finally, we have the regular flex shafts. These are among the most popular choices as they cover the most comprehensive range of distance. A standard flex shaft can deliver a ball from 210 to 240 yards.

The only thing you may not like about the driver is its build quality. It’s promoted with a Titanium label on top of it, which gives most people the idea that this product is a top-notch one.

Well, it is, and it does get most of the things right. The features are gimmick-free, and the value for money ratio is sky-high. The “Speed Channel” feature, as gimmicky as it may sound, actually seems to provide what Mazel has promised. The weight allocation is just perfect, and we haven’t found any other driver that offers a wider sweet spot.

Still, we were expecting a better build quality from this, and this is our only expectation that wasn’t fulfilled. You can also read the best product review of TaylorMade sim max fairway wood


  • The large sweet spot reduces the chance of getting a mis-hit
  • The “Speed Channel” provides higher speed and greater distances
  • It comes in three shaft types for greater product variety
  • A deeper center of gravity that can aid in playing high and long tee shots
  • Thanks to the huge face size, it’s more forgiving


  • The product feels a bit cheap


Overall, the Mazel Titanium Golf driver 460CC is one of the best drivers on the market. If you’re looking for a light and thin golf driver, you should consider this.

One of the things that you may not like about this is its build quality. It does feel a bit flimsy, and we were expecting a better build quality from a premium product such as this.

However, other than that, everything else about this driver is top-notch. It’s light, it’s thin, and it packs the punch you can expect out of this. So, we’ll conclude our Mazel Titanium Golf Driver review by recommending this product highly.

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