The Xe1 Wedge is a golf club that has been generating a lot of buzz in the golfing community recently. Designed by a team of experts, this wedge claims to revolutionize the game of golf by making it easier for players to hit higher, straighter shots, and to get more spin on their shots. In this review, we will delve into the features of the Xe1 Wedge, explore its performance on the course, and give you an honest opinion about whether or not this club lives up to the hype.

It boasts a unique design that sets it apart from traditional wedges, with a sole that is wider and more rounded to help golfers glide through the turf, and a flatter leading edge to minimize the risk of digging.

Improve your short game to reduce your handicap. At least 40% of your shots will be from 100 yards. Wedges are geared at providing maximum control and not at a set distance. You may read to keep up your skill in golf that is popular club taylormad fairway wood.

Studies show that most high handicap golfers and beginners miss their approach shots short of the green due to poor iron-distance management. To manage these short strokes and push the ball closer to the pin, use a wedge or a combination of wedges.

Wedges have the shortest shafts, heaviest heads and highest lofts.

Wedge selection is based on your swing, playing conditions and course type. Consider the most forgiving Wedge essential for high handicappers.

Today’s study will focus on the XE1 Wedge. Is it genuine or a ruse?

The Xe1 Wedge is designed to help golfers of all abilities. Only high handicap golfers qualify.

The aggressive advertising effort and the company’s website make bold promises about the design and the benefits of owning the Wedge.

Let’s take a closer look at the Xe1 Wedge review to know more.

Main Features

  1. Wide, rounded sole: The Xe1 Wedge has a wide, rounded sole that helps golfers glide through the turf with ease.
  2. Flatter leading edge: The flatter leading edge of the club reduces the risk of digging into the ground on shots.
  3. High-lofted design: The wedge has a high-lofted design that makes it easier to hit high, soft shots around the green.
  4. Ultra-light graphite shaft: The club features an ultra-light graphite shaft that helps golfers generate more clubhead speed.
  5. Oversized sweet spot: The Xe1 Wedge has an oversized sweet spot that helps golfers hit more consistent shots.
  6. Counterbalanced technology: The wedge is designed with counterbalanced technology that helps players achieve a more consistent swing.
  7. High-spin grooves: The club’s high-spin grooves help golfers generate more spin on their shots.
  8. Anti-digging technology: The club’s design also includes anti-digging technology that helps players avoid digging into the turf on shots.
  9. One-year warranty: The Xe1 Wedge comes with a one-year warranty for added peace of mind.
  10. Right and left-handed options: The club is available in both right and left-handed options to suit a variety of players.

Number of Wedges

Let us learn about the Xe1 Wedge first.

Your confidence in hitting less-than-perfect shots determines how many wedges you carry.

Even pros carry two to four wedges.

It takes two wedges to be confident in your 12 and 34 swings. The two most common wedges are a pitching wedge (PW) and a sand wedge (SW).

A pitching wedge, a gap wedge and a lob wedge are common among skilled amateurs.

Wedge golfers should bring 4 or 5 wedges. This will allow you to hit all of your wedges accurately and consistently.

A sand wedge is recommended for one Wedge due to its adaptability.

Xe1 Wedge Types Review

The four most regularly utilized wedges are pitching, sand, lob, and gap (GW).


Wedge lofts range from 45° to 64° in elevation. A higher loft produces a higher flight and more spin. Most manufacturers create wedges in a range of lofts. However, they can be grouped under the following categories:

  • Wedge with a 44-48 degree slope
  • Gap Wedge 51-55 degrees
  • 54-58 degree sand wedge
  • Lob wedges are commonly 60 degrees.

Pitching Wedge (PW)

Pitching wedges are the most common wedges used for long chip shots, full strokes into greens, greenside chipping, and bump and run options.

Gap Wedge (GW)

Wedge (GW), Utility Wedge (UW), Attack Wedge (AW), or Approach Wedge. The gap wedge’s purpose is to connect the pitching and sand wedges. You can hit a full shot instead of a ¾ pitching wedge and still get the distance.

Sand Wedge (SW)

Before the 1930s, the lob wedge was the lowest lofted club available. The sand wedge is mostly used to escape sand traps (bunkers). The sand wedge’s larger and heavier sole is the most obvious difference.

The thick sole helps glide the club through longer grasses and sand in shorter grass.

Sand wedges are the most versatile tool in the bag and are ideal for high handicappers.

Lob Wedge (LW)

The lob wedge is designed to produce high-flying shots with lots of spins that roll on the green. Used in high-lip greenside bunkers. A high handicap golfer’s last Wedge should be one of the most challenging to manage, especially for lob shots.

Xe1 Wedge Features Review

The Xe1 Wedge has captured the attention of many golfers since its debut in an infomercial.

It is designed for golfers who have trouble getting out of bunkers, hitting from 40 yards and in, getting their wedges stuck in the turf, and finding more consistency around the green.

The Xe1 wedges are legal for tournament play, so keep reading.

A broad sole and a mix of 59- and 65-degree lofts contribute to a high launch angle and reduce chunks.

The company’s website says: “With Its Ingenious Sole Design, You Can Easily Escape From Treacherous Bunkers, Nasty Rough And Tight Lies… It eliminates the fattest or thin pitch and chip shots. And Guaranteed Quality Shots from Anywhere Around the Green, Closer to the Hole.”

It also claims that you can “get out of bunkers in one shot, every time.” Whatever you think of the claim, there is some truth to it. It’s now considerably easier to exit the bunker. I’m not sure if that applies to all golfers.

Xe1’s entire website promises NO PRACTICE IS REQUIRED! Again, I’m not convinced you can consistently succeed with a new club until you practice and adapt.

Let’s review the Xe1 wedge features and compare them to the company’s big claims.

Unique Wedge Design

Several design features set the XE1 Wedge apart from other wedges. However, the very high loft angle stands out.

Extreme Loft Angles

The XE1 Wedge is technically a sand wedge, given its claim to “get out of bunkers in one shot, every time.”

The XE1 Wedge’s loft angle is 59 or 65 degrees, which is higher than the industry standard of 55 degrees.

It also exceeds the lob wedge norm of up to 64 degrees. So chipping the ball with the XE1 Wedge is easier.

Loft Angles

As a result, the loft angle is unique. A loft angle of over 64 degrees is often associated with a problem: it will dig into the ground.

A loft angle of above 64 degrees also makes it difficult to glide under the ball fully.

Square to Square Head

12-time PGA Tour winner Doug Tewell developed the square-to-square approach, and it is applied to the XE1 Wedge, especially with a heavier head than normal.

To maximize the XE1 Wedge’s performance, we must forego the current full turn swing in favor of a limited turn, three-quarter length vertical swing.

Especially with the XE1 Wedge, this method is simple.

As a result, the XE1 Wedge’s head is extremely forgiving, making the square address a breeze. Even if you use the typical full-turn swing, this enhanced alignment will help.

Auto Glide Sole

Let’s explore the Auto Glide Sole technology, which enhances the high loft angle for an enhanced bounce.

First, wider means a larger sweet spot, which offers an incredible amount of forgiveness when paired with other qualities.

The second attribute is the great bounce. The high bounce feature is essential with a loft angle of 65° or even 59°. The high bounce feature is essential. The head will repeatedly dig into the ground without it, making accurate ball striking impossible.

The auto glide sole and unusually high loft angle make chip shots a breeze. The XE1 Wedge, on the other hand, promises you plenty of time to leave the bunker.

Repositioned Performance Mass (RPM)

Heel-toe weighting is a putter technique intended to increase forgiveness. This strategy’s main goal is to spread the center of gravity evenly across the face, boosting the MOI or sweet spot.

Head to Toe XE1 Wedge

The XE1 Wedge’s heel-to-toe weighing is indeed extreme, with the loading being obvious or fairly hefty.

As a result, the center of gravity distribution over the face is good. The overall center of gravity is low, adding to the forgiving nature.

The XE1 Wedge’s huge sweet spot and forgiveness feature virtually eliminate mishits.

As we can see, the XE1 Wedge is designed to be forgiving. Because of this, it is one of the most forgiving wedges on the market.


  • Extremely high loft angle (59-degree or 65-degree)
  • Bounce works well with the Auto-Glide sole.
  • The square-to-square design is simple to align.
  • a widely spread center of gravity, greater forgiveness, and a larger sweet spot
  • Easy on the wallet
  • Overall performance from sand and tight lying


  • The lack of sensation and reaction in a cast-iron face
  • Concerns have been expressed concerning its long-term viability.
  • Only suitable for high-handicap golfers
  • Inability to work

The XE1 Wedge In-Depth Review

To make this review more thorough, we will go through each aspect of the XE1 Wedge separately. We’ll start with technology, which is perhaps the most significant part of every golf club nowadays.


The XE1 Wedge’s core technology emphasizes forgiveness. The XE1’s technology sets it differently. High loft and auto-glide sole make chipping easy.

The head is heavier than a regular wedge, making it easier to align before, during, and after the swing. There’s also heel-to-toe weighing, which is lower and more forgiving.

It’s not as high-tech as a CBX wedge. Ahead of its competition, the XE1 Wedge used cutting-edge technology.


The X1 Wedge excels with forgiveness, making it an ideal sand wedge for newbies. This Wedge can “eradicate fat pitches and chips,” as stated.

XE1 Wedge’s sweet spot is huge due to two important factors.

As a result, the sweet spot is widened.

Second, the heel-toe weighting is extra-large, dispersing the clubface’s center of gravity. This makes mishitting with the XE1 Wedge very tough.

Chip shots are easy and consistent with a 59 or 65-degree loft angle and an auto glide sole.

59°Loft Option Option 2: 165°Loft

However, compared to most wedges on the market, the XE1 Wedge makes it very easy to escape tricky lies.

Finally, the club head is bigger and heavier than the standard. More head implies more forgiving and a bigger sweet spot. It’s also easier to squarely address the ball before and during the swing with the heavier feel.


The XE1 Wedge is designed to achieve an acceptable trajectory rather than a maximum trajectory. On the other hand, Wedge trajectory is critical. This XE1 Wedge excels in this area due to its design and technological blend.

This XE1 Wedge’s high loft angle readily provides a high flying trajectory.

You may easily generate enough swing height to avoid heavy grass or sand traps. It also has an auto-glide sole, which optimizes performance in flight trajectory.

Wedge trajectory control is also important since we can change the trajectory to meet our needs.

The XE1 Wedge’s forgiving nature makes this a straightforward procedure. Also, the head’s weight makes it easier to modify your swing’s strength.


Distance performance may not be the essential consideration for wedges. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that, due to the unusually high loft angle, the XE1 Wedge produces a high natural flight trajectory, which translates into excellent distance performance.

The XE1 Wedge is one of the longest wedges on the market when compared to other sand or lob wedges.

The XE1 Wedge is also pretty unique in that the ball travelled about the same distance as it was thrown.

So, for example, if you lob the ball 10 feet into the air, it will go approximately 10 feet. This makes it relatively easy to control distance, which is critical for wedges.

We should examine one of the XE1 Wedge’s promotional promises, in which people appear to be able to strike the ball from 60 to 90 feet away without practice.

Is this really the case? The XE1 Wedge can provide 60 to 90 feet of distance, but it will take some getting used to owing to the XE1’s distinctive form and feel.


Given that the XE1 does not come from a well-known brand, and especially given its low price, it appears to be of good quality by modern golf standards. In this review, I explain the looks of the xe1 wedge.

Like other high-end, current clubs from reputable brands such as TaylorMade, Cobra, or Callaway, the head appears high-tech. It is largely coated in a smooth silver finish, with glimpses of reds and blacks on the sole.

The XE1 Wedge’s unusually high loft angle really contributes to its distinct and futuristic appearance. The sole region of the XE1 appears substantial and robust when combined with the auto glide sole and heel-toe weighting.

The face is substantially larger than today’s standard, which may not appeal to everyone. The leading edge, as well as the overall appearance of the face, is rounded. The face size, in our opinion, may be a letdown for most players, so it’s worth noting.

Although it is well-designed and quite modern-looking, we can see that the cast-iron appearance of the XE1 Wedge will not appeal to everyone. The XE1 Wedge is not the best sand wedge in terms of design.

Overall Performance

To evaluate the overall performance of the XE1 Wedge, we must first consider its purpose.

The XE1 Wedge is built for maximum forgiveness and serves as a quick repair for beginners. Forgiveness is also concentrated on escaping bunkers and difficult lies. Thus the XE1 Wedge is all about effortless trajectory and speed.

On the other hand, comparing the XE1 Wedge to high-end forged irons with outstanding shot-shaping playability and overall feel would be unjust.

As a result, when evaluating the overall performance of the XE1 Wedge, we should compare it to other game-improvement wedges that serve similar functions.

The XE1 Wedge works admirably in this aspect, almost as well as the obnoxious commercial implies.

Yes, you will need some practice to get used to the XE1 Wedge because it feels different from most wedges due to its slightly heavier head. However, the XE1 Wedge is a breeze to operate once you’ve mastered it.

The XE1 Wedge makes escaping difficult lies and sand traps a breeze. It has a very high natural trajectory and ball speed due to its unusually high loft angle and great bounce. Combine it with the incredible forgiveness provided by the very large sweet spot and well-distributed center of gravity, and you have one of the simplest sand wedges on the market.

How Does the Xe1 Wedge Compare?

wedge compare with others

Cleveland Golf 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge Review

While the 588 RTX (Rotex face) 2.0 is not Cleveland’s flagship model, it is one of the most popular wedges on the market today, rivalling the Xe1 Wedge.

It comes as a blade or a cavity back, with the cavity back being more forgiving than the X1 Wedge. Micro-milling and lasering improve groove roughness, enhancing friction, spin, and shot-shaping. The wide sole and hollow rear Wedge provide the most forgiveness.

It has the same Cleveland feel, tone, and feedback as the Xe1 but costs more.

A better shot-shaping and more versatile Wedge than the Xe1 wedge is Cleveland’s 588 RTX 2.0 wedge. However, it lacks the feel, aesthetics, and playability of the Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is the XE1 Wedge comes with a Graphite shaft?

Answer: No.

    2. Does this club eliminate backspin, or can you still get backspin?

Answer: The xE1 Wedge’s dynamic loft lets you generate a lot of spin on the ball. You don’t have to open your stance or the clubface because of its unique design. Set up square to the target, take a regular swing, and the ball will pop high and stop on the green. It’s so simple with the xE1.

    3. Is there a men’s version?

Answer: The xE1 Wedge is a unisex golf club, so this works for men as well as women.

Final Words on Xe1 Wedge Review

In its marketing, the Xe1 Wedge makes grandiose claims about its ability to pull you out of the sand on the first try. In truth, it performs well for players with large handicaps, and it claims to perform well.

The bigger face, sweet spot and high lofts of this Wedge make it simpler to get out of closed positions in and out of the bunkers.

The target market will benefit more from being able to get the ball onto the green without moving it.

The Xe1 Wedge is a low-cost wedge with exceptional forgiveness.

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