Knowing the width of your golf cart is essential if you plan on driving it on a course with tight turns or if you want to park it in a narrow garage. Due to the width of the available enclosure, truck, or trailer, people typically need to know the width of a golf cart before making a purchase. As a result, “how wide is a golf cart” is one of the most often inquiries we receive.

Golf Cart Dimensions Basics

golf cart dimensions

In most cases, the front of a golf cart is more constrained, while the back is far more expansive. The distance between the cart’s front wheels is around 33.5 inches, while the distance between the cart’s back wheels is approximately 38 inches.

In most cases, carts have roughly forty-eight inches of seat space.

However, it is crucial to remember that these measurements are merely an average and can go up to 58 inches if necessary. So, now you have a rough idea of how wide is a golf cart.

What Are the Average Golf Cart Dimensions?

Before you accurately know how wide is a golf cart, you should have an idea about the average estimations. The dimensions of golf carts change depending on whether the vehicle has two or four seats. Carts with two seats make up the majority of the market.

First, let’s look at the typical measurements for this kind of golf cart.

A golf cart should meet the following specifications to accommodate two people comfortably:

The average width of a golf cart is 4 feet, equal to 48 inches.

The average height for a golf cart is six feet or 72 inches.

The average length of a golf cart is 8 feet or 96 inches.

And to contrast, increasing the cart seats will result in a growth in the overall dimensions of the cart. However, the height and width of the cart are not significantly affected by the total number of seating positions.

How Wide is a Golf Cart?

How Wide Is A Golf Cart

Understanding the width of a golf cart is vital for several different reasons. Many people rely on golf carts as a mode of transportation while playing golf. When it relates to parking and navigating confined areas, it is helpful to know the vehicle’s width.

In addition, individuals who move their golf carts through a truck bed/trailer need to be aware of the width of their golf cart. This ensures that it fits in such a way that it is secure and safe.

Golf carts usually have a width of around 48 inches, which is narrow enough to pass through a conventional door but not too narrow.

But, depending on the brand and type, they can sometimes be as wide as 55 inches or even more. This varies from case to case. As an illustration, the width of the Club Car XRT 950 4×4 or 4×2 is 54 inches, whereas the width of the EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car seems to be 51 inches. Therefore, you now have a reasonable estimation of how wide is a golf cart, but there’s more!

The widths can vary quite a bit, as you can see. Hence, it is essential to be familiar with your golf cart’s particular brand and model. This is to determine its exact measurements. You can also read about how long do golf cart batteries last

Golf Cart Dimensions (Width):

Yamaha Umax Rally – (53”/135cm)

Yamaha Umax Two – (49”/124 cm)

Yamaha Umax Bistro – (49”/124 cm)

Yamaha the Drive 2 – (47”/ 119 cm)

Yamaha Concierge 6 – (47”/ 119 cm)

Yamaha Umax Range Picker – (49”/124 cm)

Yamaha Concierge 4 – (47”/ 119 cm)

Club Car Onward 2 – (48 ¾/ 122 cm)

Club Car Onward 4 – (48 ¾”/122 cm)

Club Car Onward Lifted 4 – (49”/ 124 cm)

Club Car Villager 2 LSV – (47”/ 119 cm)

Club Car Precedent Stretch – (47”/ 119 cm)

Club Car XRT 800 – (45”/ 114 cm)

EZ-Go Express L6 Golf Car – (48”/ 122 cm)

EZ-Go 72 Volt freedom – (47” / 119 cm)


Therefore, you now know how wide is a golf cart. Not only that, but you also know how wide it is in different green fields. So, when looking to purchase a golf cart, among the first aspects, you should think about is the vehicle’s overall dimensions. The golf car has to be either big enough or small enough for all the other functions that are supposed to be performed by it. And you need to be aware of its dimensions if you want it to be functional with any additional attachments.

As the owner of a golf cart, you need to know how wide is a golf cart so that you can make an informed decision regarding the accessories that are required for your cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How wide is a golf cart seat?

In a nutshell, a golf cart seat is typically 41.5 inches wide. About three-quarters of an inch is taken away from the back of the chair in comparison to the front.

Both current and potential golf cart consumers place a high value on the golf cart’s seating and seating arrangements.

The width of some golf cart models’ seats is 41 1/2 inches, the depth is 20 1/2 inches, and the distance between the front and back is 40 1/4 inches.

The dimensions were compiled from the farthest margins of the surrounding rear trim.

Carts with more length have roomier seats than those with a more conventional design. One must have an accurate headcount before purchasing the most suitable golf cart.

How wide is a golf cart roof?

You are protected from the pouring drizzle and the blazing sun by the roof of a golf cart. Certain golf carts do not come with a roof; therefore, we highly suggest adding a roof to the cart so that it becomes more comfortable and lasts longer.

The number of seats a golf cart determines the width of the roof. Two-seaters have a narrower ceiling than four-seaters. A range of widths is available, from 54 inches to 112 inches.

So, if you install a rear seat that was not there when the vehicle was purchased, you’ll need to modify the ceiling. And the majority of golf cart manufacturers provide carts with roofs measuring anywhere between 54 to 112 inches in height.

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