Will A Golf Cart Fit In A Truck Bed

If you’re wondering how to transfer your golf cart, we suggest that you use a trailer. However, if you are unable to obtain a trailer or do not wish to invest your money in a trailer, you do have alternative possibilities.

We attempted to answer your question in this article: Will a golf cart fit in a truck bed? We’ve gone over a few steps that will help you determine whether or not your golf cart will fit in your truck bed.

Will A Golf Cart Fit In A Truck Bed?

Full-size pickup truck beds have a 4-foot width between the tire wells. This allows a standard-size golf cart to fit on the back of your pickup truck. You can close the tailgate on long-bed pickup trucks but not on short-bed pickup trucks.

As a result, before loading your golf cart, we recommend that you take measurements or consult your truck’s user handbook.

Can Your Golf Cart Travel In Your Truck Bed?

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If your golf cart fits into your truck bed, you can travel long distances by reducing your normal speed. If you intend to transport your cart over long distances, we recommend using a trailer. This will keep your golf cart safe in your truck bed during the long ride.

Steps For Loading

Before you begin the procedure for loading your cart into your truck bed, you need to consider a few other stages that will determine whether or not your cart will fit in your truck bed. This article outlined a few steps you should take before moving your golf cart onto your truck bed.

Step 1: Determine Your Truck’s Bed Type

The first step in determining whether a golf cart will fit in a truck bed is discovering what type of bed your truck has. A full-size truck with a long bed can easily have 8 feet of space from front to back with the tailgate up. Cunningham Golf Cars claims that a basic cart is 8 feet long. This makes it ideal for a long bed.

However, if you have a truck with a regular bed, you must leave your tailgate down in order to fit even a two-person golf cart.

Step 2: Find Out The Weight

The second step would be to find the weight of your golf cart in order to decide whether or not your truck bed can sustain its weight. You can do this by measuring your golf cart or just consulting the owner’s manual that came with your golf cart.

Step 3: Take The Measurements

When you have determined the weight of your cart, the next step is to determine the length and width of the cart. Knowing the measurements of your golf cart can assist you in determining whether or not it will fit in the bed of your pickup truck or not.

Step 4: Determine Your Truck Bed’s Payload Capacity

The next step is to find out the payload capacity of your truck bed. You can find your truck’s payload capacity in the owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door. These two recommended sources can help you assess if your truck can support the weight of your golf cart. However, the most important factor in loading your golf cart onto your truck bed is the size of your truck.

Step 5: Measuring The Area Of The Truck Bed

Now that you’ve discovered that your truck can accommodate your golf cart. The following step will be to measure your cart as well as the size of your truck bed.

You can move on to the following step if you determine that your cart will fit onto your truck bed after measuring. Suppose your cart will still not fit into the bed of your truck. It will be wise to rent a trailer or find a pickup with a large bed.

Step 6: Decide On The Ramps

When you’ve determined that your cart will fit onto a truck bed, the next step is to choose the ramps. We do not recommend doing any DIY because it can make the loading method more difficult than it is. Always ensure that the ramps you choose can resist your weight as well as the weight of your cart.

Furthermore, the ramps should have enough space between them to allow for the distance between the left and right wheels in the front and back. For further robustness, we recommend that you use aluminium ramps. Aluminium ramps are specifically intended to be lightweight, making them simple to set up and prevent bottoming out during loading and unloading.

If there are no good ramp options nearby, you can use your tailgate as a ramp. You must locate a location where the tailgate opens level with the ground. In this manner, you can safely drive your golf cart directly from the truck. However, we recommend that you set it up correctly, or the tailgate will be damaged owing to excessive weight on the tailgate.

Step 7: Loading The Golf Cart

After performing all of the necessary inspections and ensuring that your truck is capable of handling your golf cart, you may now load the cart onto the truck bed. Remember that you must keep your truck and the golf cart on level ground for a sturdy ramp setup. Place the ramp fingers on the tailgate’s edge and use the safety chains to secure it to the truck.

After you’ve finished securing it in position, carefully drive the cart up the ramp and into the bed of your truck. If your golf cart does not fit with the tailgate up, reverse it onto the bed so that the lighter front portion sits on the tailgate rather than, the heavier back part.

Step 8: Secure Your Golf Cart

You’ve successfully loaded your golf cart onto the bed of your truck. Before you begin your journey, you must secure your cart with at least two nylon straps and ratchet straps. This will ensure that your cart does not move and remains secure while travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Long Is A Back Seat Golf Cart?

Answer: A two-seat conventional golf cart has a length of roughly 65.5 inches between the front wheel and the back wheel. A back seat should add at least 25-30 inches to the length of a golf cart, bringing the typical length to roughly 92.5 inches.

2. Is it possible to transport a golf cart in a short-bed truck?

Answer: A conventional two-seat golf cart should be able to fit in a short-bed truck. However, depending on the model, the tailgate may not be able to be closed. If the tailgate is properly fixed and secured, you should have no trouble transferring the cart.

3. What Is the Most Efficient Way to Transport a Golf Cart?

Answer: It all depends on how far you want to transport your golf cart. You can save money by using your truck for short distances. Shipping by trailer is preferable for longer distances. Some service stations offer high-quality services for transporting golf carts at reasonable pricing.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering if a golf cart will fit in a truck bed, we can tell you that ordinary two-person carts may fit in the bed of a truck. However, there is no definitive answer to this question.

If you have a long bed, you can load a normal size golf cart and close the tailgate. If you have a regular bed, you will have to ride with the tailgate down in order to accommodate the golf cart in your truck bed. However, we do not advise that you always choose this choice; rather, you use the assistance of a trailer.

 However, if you prefer to use your pickup truck, you may load your golf cart safely onto the truck bed by following the steps outlined above.

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