Cleveland CBX 2 wedge is a golf club designed to help players improve their short game. It is a versatile wedge that can be used for different types of shots around the green, including chipping, pitching, and bunker shots. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Cleveland CBX 2 wedge and evaluate its performance and features to help you decide if it’s the right club for your game.

The CBX 2 wedge features a cavity back design that provides extra forgiveness on mishits and makes it easier to get the ball up in the air. Its advanced spin technology also allows for more control and stopping power on the green.

Most golfers would benefit immensely from replacing their wedges with one of these clubs. The grooves wear down with time, making it more difficult to spin the Golf ball. Furthermore, most wedges are not made for forgiveness. Here you can read another review on xe1 wedge.

Let’s speak about the new Cleveland wedges if you’re considering acquiring some new wedges so you can throw some darts. The Cleveland CBX 2 wedges are the latest model from the legendary club manufacturer.

While Cleveland’s popularity in the game has faded in recent years, they continue to produce some of the best wedges in the game.

Read the entire Cleveland CBX 2 wedges review to see if you could benefit from the club move.


Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge


Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge


  • HOLLOW-CAVITY DESIGN – Additional weight distributed to the perimeter offers more forgiveness at impact.
  • DYNAMIC SOLE – Three different sole grinds deliver more versatility to execute any shot on the course.

What is A Golf Wedge? 

Let’s define a golf wedge before we get into the Cleveland CBX 2 wedge review.

A golf wedge is a type of iron golf club that assists golfers in making more accurate and distinctive strokes. It features a short shaft, a high loft, and a large clubhead made primarily iron. They also have distinctive soles that assist the golfer in getting the ball out of obstacles and back to the greens.

Because of the unusual shape of wedges, golfers may generate short-distance shots with great accuracy, which is difficult to achieve with a wood or iron club, especially with a putter. In addition to pushing the ball out of tight locations, you can use a golf wedge for short approach shots or chip shots.

Professional golfers understand that having a handful of the best golf wedges in your bag may help make or break a game due to their improved accuracy for short-range shots.

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Types Review

When golfers purchase a set of golf clubs, they receive several clubs. A pitching wedge is one of them.

This isn’t the only kind of wedge available.

Sand wedges, lob wedges, and gap wedges are the other three varieties. Each of these wedges has a distinct degree of loft and, as a result, serves a different purpose.

Pitching Wedges

Pitching wedges have the least amount of loft of any wedge. The loft of these wedges is typically between 44 and 50 degrees. When a golf ball is struck properly with a pitching wedge, it will fly up into the air and travel between 110 and 140 yards. 

Golfers who want to hit the green most commonly utilize the pitching wedge. When struck with a pitching wedge, the ball should travel high in the air and should not roll very far on the green.

Sand Wedges

Sand wedges, as the name suggests, were designed to assist players in getting their ball out of sand traps or bunkers. They are, however, adaptable clubs that golfers use whether they are hitting from the beach, fairway, or rough. Sand wedges typically have a loft of 54 to 58 degrees.

Most players hit sand wedges roughly 90 yards with a standard golf stroke. Sand wedges are also shorter than other clubs, allowing golfers to put more spin on the ball.

Gap Wedges

These wedges have the second-lowest loft of any wedge, with lofts ranging from 46 to 54 degrees. Gap wedges are used on shots that are too long for a sand wedge but too short for a pitching wedge. The majority of players hit gap wedges from 90 to 110 yards.

The golf ball should fly high when struck properly with a gap wedge. A standard set of golf clubs does not include gap wedges.

Examine the loft of your pitching and sand wedges before choosing a gap wedge. The loft of your gap wedge should be in the middle of the two.

Lob Wedges

Lob wedges do not come in most golf club sets like gap and sand wedges. And thus, you need to purchase it individually. They feature the greatest loft of any wedge, ranging between 60 and 65 degrees, and are particularly useful in scenarios requiring precision strokes around the green.

In golf, golfers frequently use lob wedges to throw the ball high into the air from a distance of roughly 70 yards away. Lob wedges are also effective when players need to hit the ball and rise fast into the air.

How Many Wedges Should I Carry in My Bag?

In your bag, you can only take 14 clubs. Most players can get away with two or three wedges. If you must carry four wedges, you will most likely have to give up a wood, hybrid, or other clubs. To find the best golf club for you, consider your needs and priorities.

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review

Are you fed up with chunks, flubs, and Duffs in your wedges? Isn’t it aggravating when you hit a great drive to sabotage it by chunking a wedge short of the green? Not only does it make scoring difficult, but it also makes you feel as though you’ve squandered a chance (and your buddies usually let you hear about it too).

If this describes you, then maybe it’s not entirely your fault. Perhaps the wedge’s lack of forgiving nature is to blame. As you’re probably aware, most wedges aren’t particularly forgiving. With the CBX 2 wedges, Cleveland hopes to change that.

The Cleveland CBX 2 wedges have more spin, more versatility, and a lot more forgiveness for everyday golfers. For cavity-back golfers, these are cavity-back wedges!

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Features Review

I’ve highlighted some of the best features of the new CBX 2 wedges below.

Hollow Cavity Design

The Cleveland CBX 2 wedges have a larger sweet spot, making it simple for golfers of all skill levels to hit pure wedges. This is accomplished using a lighter hosel, a tapered flange, a larger toe, and a hollow chamber design. The hollow hole shifts the center of gravity and positions it exactly where you strike the ball.

Good shots become terrific shots, and bad ones become extremely playable. No more chunking basic wedges and wasting a nice drive. The CBX 2 gives you the best of both worlds with its hollow cavity technology.

Tons of Grooves

Think again if you’re concerned that a cavity back won’t have the same grooves as other wedges.

The CBX 2 uses the same groove technology as the previous RTX-4 model, which is grooves on top of grooves on top of grooves. Expect a lot of one hop and stop the spin with so many grooves to establish a grip on the golf ball.

The CBX 2 employs numerous distinct sorts of grooves. They boast Tour Zip Grooves that cut through grass and debris to provide greater spin from the rough. They also have centered Rotex milling, which increases friction between the grooves and provides spin.

Furthermore, the laser milling method adds roughness to the limit, making it easy to get your wedges check-up swiftlyThree adaptable Sole Grinds are.

Different Grinds for Different Wedges

Cleveland wedges offer varying grinds for each wedge. Because each wedge serves a different purpose, the club’s loft and bounce vary.

Cleveland features a V-shaped sole for pitching and gap wedges (46-52 degrees) that glide through the turf and keep you out of trouble on full shots. It also features an S-shaped sole for sand wedges (54-56 degrees), allowing you to exit sand and deep rough effortlessly.

Cleveland’s lob wedges have a C-shaped grind (between 58-60 degrees), giving you more greenside options. When you want to open the face and hit one high off a tight lie, the c-shaped grind makes it effortless to pull the short of.

True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge Shaft

Cleveland collaborated on the Dynamic Gold 115 wedge shaft. This shaft is made for cavity-backed wedges. They eliminate the inconvenient transition from lightweight ions to heavy wedges.

True Temper shafts are 10g-20g lighter than standard blade wedge shafts, providing a considerably better experience for players with greater handicaps. The shaft is designed to resemble the feel of your cavity-back irons, allowing you to easily transition from your full set of irons to your wedges.

Rotex face technology

Rotex Face Technology’s fourth version features the sharpest Tour Zip Grooves and most aggressive face milling for an optimum spin and short game control.

Feel Balancing And Gel Back Technology

The combination of Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology and a Gelback TPU Insert minimizes vibration for a more natural feel at contact.


  • For more forgiveness, a hollow back wedge design is used.
  • Excellent all-round wedge.
  • It’s easier to hit a forgiving head than a bladed wedge.
  • At address, a confident-inspiring shape
  • Excellent value for money
  • Surprisingly high spin rates
  • Almost all golfers will find it suitable.
  • Numerous sole variations to suit any turf condition
  • Improved tactile balance, as well as a vibration-reducing insert
  • Weighting around the perimeter for a larger sweet spot


  • Cavity-back wedges are not appropriate for every single-digit golfer.
  • Various sole grinds may be excessive.

Cleveland Golf- RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge Comparison

This RTX wedge is well-known for its precision. The Zipcore Technology from Cleveland boosts the MOI and repositions the CG for improved consistency, spin, and control on those delicate approach shots.

Ultizip On every shot, the grooves are deeper, tighter, and sharper, distributing more water and debris. Wedges are prone to wear out after extended use. On the other hand, Cleveland has a specific heat treatment that increases durability and longevity.

Three adaptable Sole Grinds are available to suit various turf conditions and provide optimal performance. The True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Shaft has been used on the PGA Tour. The increased stability and control will boost confidence around the green.

When it comes to Cleveland CBX 2 wedge review and comparison, however, this wedge is notable for being incredibly hard for beginners. And, while the grind settings may be difficult, CBX is the greatest option for all-around playing wedges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What’s the difference between an iron and a wedge?

Answer: A subset of a golf iron is a golf wedge. As a result, wedges are the heaviest and shortest iron subset, making them immediately distinguishable. Because of their higher lofts, wedges allow you to make unique shots with impressive precision.

  1. What is the bounce on the 50-degree wedge? 8,10,12?

Answer: 12 is the bounce on the 50-degree wedge.

  1. What sole grind is used on the 60° Cleveland CBX 2 wedges?

Answer: A C-shaped sole grind is used on the 58 and 60 degrees CBX 2 wedges.

  1. What type of steel shaft does this wedge come with?

Answer: True Temper Dynamic Gold 115 comes with this wedge.

  1. Does CBX 2 wedge come for ladies?

Answer: yes, CBX 2 offers a ladies’ version too.

Final Words

However, as you finish reading The Cleveland CBX 2 wedge review, you can understand that these wedges are cavity back wedges that are designed for cavity back golfers. I can confidently say that I haven’t seen a more forgiving set when it comes to golf wedges. Cleveland found a way to combine forgiveness and playability in its latest wedge type.

Even though the wedges are quite forgiving, they still have a lot of technology to set up tremendous scoring possibilities. These wedges are designed for a maximum spin while also providing forgiving. Furthermore, the redesigned True Temper wedge shaft allows for a smooth transition from irons to wedges.

Happy golfing!

Here is The Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review

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