c3i wedge review
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Wedges can end up being the game-changer in golf. However, finding the right one from a market that offers a lot to choose from is hard. The C3i wedge is a wedge that you might be familiar with from TV commercials. Well, there is a reason that this wedge is so popular. In this article, we will be covering the c3i wedge review.

With its cutting-edge technology and high loft design, it has been manufactured to provide the best user experience and performance. Interested to know more? Keep reading, and you will get all your answers.

About C3i Wedge – For Men & Women

Golf Club FlexWedge
Hand OrientationRight
Golf Club Loft65 Degrees
Shaft MaterialStainless-Steel
Golf Putter Lie Angle65 Degrees

There are several features that set the C3i wedge apart from most other wedges in the market. Not only is it innovative, but it also comes with a highly attractive design that you would think looks straight out of the future.

Most golf equipment is fine-tuned to be used by pros. That is disadvantageous when it comes to regular golfers. However, with the C3i wedge, it won’t matter whether you are a professional or regular player.  This wedge is meant to work for everyone.

One of the greatest attractions of this wedge is that it has been made with stainless steel while parts of the sole have been infused with polymer. This allows the main structure of the wedge to have a highly solid shot each time you swing it towards the ball.

In addition, since it is made from stainless steel, you do not have to worry about the wedge getting ruined easily. The stainless steel construction means that it will never rust even if it comes in contact with water. As a result, you will be able to use the wedge for a very long time.

Key Features: C3i Wedge Review

  • Unique looking aesthetically
  • Can move through the sand without any trouble and hit the ball efficiently.
  • Ideal for beginners in golf or for people who might need handicaps or a wedge that they can trust their game with.
  • It has an easy-to-grip mechanism so that the golf handle never slips out of your hand.
  • You can also play with a square stance since it is more accessible when compared to other golf wedges.
  • The wedge is USGA compliant. Therefore even junior golfers or minor professionals can play with this wedge.   
  • It can eliminate fat shots within 50 yards of the flag with increased accuracy.
  • All you need to do is set it directly at the angle of your target and swing.


  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Easy-grip handle.
  • Will get you out of any bunker with one single swing.
  • Can be used by golf beginners.
  • Can make flat shots at 50 yards of the flag.


  • Can be heavy for some people.
  • Might not be the best for low-tier handicappers.

Special Features

There are several reasons why the C3i is one of the most sought-after golf clubs. Some of these features that make it superior to most other gloves are:

c3i wedge features

A Wide Sole

The glove itself has a very wide sole. This means that the sole can cover a large surface area which results in a smooth impact when it hits the ball. In fact, this is one of the best reasons why the C3i wedge has a good performance.

With this club, you can even play golf on any surface with a square stance. This makes it an ideal short game club for crisp smooth swings on each contact.  The wide sole ensures that you will not miss your hit as long as you have the right golf skills.

Optimized Center Of Gravity

The C3i offers a lower and more stable center of gravity that you can use to reach the ultimate feats of a golfer. With a lower center of gravity, you will be able to shoot balls with far more spins over a longer range of distance.

The club allows the user to have greater control over the ball so that the accuracy of the ball is increased over time.

Most advanced wedges tend to rely on the golfer’s skills to score. However, with the C3i wedge, any struggling golfer can attain an edge over their opponent. Just make sure that you have a good hold over your fundamentals. You may also read a popular article on golf equipment, which name is Xe1 Wedge.

Sandblasted Face

The golf wedge offers an extensively useful sandblasted face that allows the user to produce a high rate of spins in the balls with the perfect alignment. This gives the golfer a nice contrast such that the ball will not miss the intended mark even with heavy winds.

A big reason why golfers opt to choose the C3i over other wedges is the ability to choose the best stance that can be used in the right situation. You can even use the square stance when addressing the golf ball rather than having to open your feet and play a more advanced style of shot. The golf wedge will do the work of aligning with the target properly.

AutoGlide Xtreme Sole For Easy Contact

It is worth to be noted that one of the C3i’s greatest selling points is that it has been designed with an auto glide Xtreme sole.

This allows you to take hold of the wedge properly without losing the grip easily even when your hands are sweaty. This allows you to swing your club easily and with increased efficiency.

The wide base allows the user to hit the ball, whether it is a dial-in high and soft shot or not, with an increased spin rate. Additionally, the sole boosts when you are in contact with the ball such that every shot can be crisp with a clear direction towards the target.

The C3i boasts a huge number of dedicated users that are more than happy with the high sole performance that the wedge offers.

Polymer Insert

The polymer insert in the wedge ensures that the wedge itself is solid and rigid. The very reason why the wedge is so successful is how the polymer reacts with the ball that it comes in contact with.

Since it has been reinforced with polymer, the golf wedge hits the ball perfectly with all the force exerted in the center. As the ball travels through the air with high speed, it spins in large numbers to cut through the air resistance that would otherwise cause the ball to slow down. As a result, the ball travels through an unnatural distance.

Classic Shape for More Confidence

ameatur friendly design
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The classic shape of the wedge might make it look strange at the first glance. However, this shape is more practical than other forms. There is absolutely no difference between your golf wedge and other golf wedges in terms of appearance, once you manage to get rid of the barrier. 

The wedge has been designed so that no energy is wasted by the wedge when energy is transferred. No-friction slide through turf

The C3i wedge has been built particularly curvier than your regular wedge. This is to contribute to keeping the friction produced in contact between the ball and the glove.

Additionally, it has been manufactured with a bevelled leading edge that reduces interaction with the ground for consistently clean contact. So, even if you are playing on heavy sand or hilly unnatural terrain, you shouldn’t experience any downfalls in your game.

All you need to do is clip it cleanly and the no-friction sole will ensure that your wedge hits the ball without missing it. Of course, this is considering that you have the skills to back you up. 

Benefits Of Using C3i Wedge

escape any bunker
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There are several benefits that you can enjoy if you are willing to give this wedge a shot. It is definitely a good investment if you are thinking of purchasing a C3i wedge. These are the reasons why:

  • The wedge makes use of a mechanism that lowers the friction released in contact. This allows the ball to spin at a greater rate than normal.
  • This has been manufactured using all appropriate standards, which makes it fit for international tournament boards.
  • The sand wedge lets you set up and aim directly at your target.
  • The wedge handle easily fits your hand.
  • The handle has a low-friction system such that it will not be able to escape your grip even when you sweat profusely.
  • It has a less complicated aesthetic design so that it looks low-key while giving the best possible performance.
  • It has been made curvier so that it misses no ball when it comes in contact with it.
  • The energy with which you hit the ball is transferred with incredibly high efficiency. Almost none of the applied force is wasted.
  • It gives the golfer a chance to find the perfect alignment on each shot so that even if the ball is hit lightly it will spin for a long time without fail.

Buying Guide

There are several variables that you need to consider when buying a wedge. These could affect the way you play and interact with the game both directly and indirectly. Wedges are often called scoring clubs because you swing and hit the ball with them.

The final score depends on where your ball falls. That is why wedges might be the most important equipment in golf. What’s more, it is these variables that determine the lifting angle and force that you as the player will be able to exert in your swings.

As such, if you want to give your best performance, you need to be able to use the most ideal golf clubs that will fit your play style. In this section, we will be covering every variable that you will need to consider when buying the ideal wedge. These variables are as follows:


The first variable that you need to take into consideration is the price. If you are a professional, you might need one of the more expensive golf clubs. These expensive ones can be valued as far as 1000 American dollars if not more.

Look of c3i
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On the other hand, if you aren’t a professional there is a long range of priced clubs that you can choose from. Speciality welded golf wedges start as low as 50 dollars and can be as high as 500 dollars.

Our recommendation is that you should purchase something right in the middle. A 300 dollars worth golf wedge should be more than enough if you are thinking of short-game golf. Besides, it isn’t pragmatic to spend so much money on something that you will only be using as a hobby.

When you are going to buy the ideal wedge, you should make a budget beforehand. Think of why you will be buying the wedge in the first place. Will you be playing in professional tournaments? Is it to enjoy your retirement? Buy the wedge that is perfect for both your needs and your budget. Do not exceed the budget. 

The Number Of Wedges

While the number of wedges that you will need to buy is also related to the price factor, we have decided to include this separately. You need to know that most golfers carry about 3 to 4 extra wedges in addition to their original ones.

Players need to be able to adapt to the situation of a game and change the way they play. To attempt this, they require several extra wedges. While most newcomers do not need to worry about changing the game style, professionals need to.

However, consider if you want to buy a lot of golf clubs for different play styles because if you do not have the fundamental skills to back you up, all these new clubs will amount to nothing.

Additionally, you should also be thinking about versatility when buying large amounts of wedges. Imagine, if you end up buying 5 different wedges, would you be able to carry them along with you to the game? Would they even fit your bag? Ask yourself these questions before you decide to buy more than a single golf wedge.


We can start with the more technical variables now that we are done with the human ones. When we are talking about bounce, we are referring to the angle, which is created between the lowest point of the sole and the leading edge. It is at this point that the club is in a neutral position.

There are two types of bounces- Low bounces and high bounces. Low bounces typically lie between 4-6 degrees while the ones between 10-14 degrees are called high bounces. Do note that the bounce you will need to maintain depends on the terrain of the place you are going to play in.

Low bounces are fit for areas with firm ground. It is in these places that the players can sweep through pretty fast. On the other hand, high bounces suit terrains with a more lush condition where the ground might give in slightly as you play on top.

In addition to the main two bounces, there is also the mid bounce. Mid bounce refers to a normal terrain where the player can show far more versatility than other terrains. These are the terrains that are best when it comes to playing golf. Depending on the terrain that you are going to play, you are going to need to buy an ideal golf wedge with the right bounce. 


The sole is one of the most important aspects of every golf wedge. In recent years, when manufacturers market a certain wedge, they will glorify and talk about the sole grind first before any other features of the wedge.

Typically, sole grinds are designed after the preference of professional golf players. Sole refers to the part of the glove that will come in contact with the ball.

In golf wedges, the grind refers to the material removed or ground away from different parts of the sole to make the club more playable in different conditions or for different types of players. The amount of grind that the sole can retain is equally as important as the sole itself.

You need to know that depending on the material that the sole is made from, the grind will have different effects. For instance, a sole made from polymer might be able to have a grind with an increased amount of versatility.

Other types of materials might make the grind lighter while compromising the reach of the wedge. There are various types of grinds available that you can choose from depending on your need and usage. It is also a wise option to look at the sole material and the ground type instead of the aesthetic and game style of the wedge.


The finish might not be as important as most other aspects of the wedge. However, depending on how well the finishing of the wedge has been done, a player might gain an extra edge over his opponent.

Aside from looking better, a good finish has several other advantages. For instance, the right type of finish might be able to decrease the amount of glare that you will experience from the sun. With others, you might not need to clean them every day since the cleaning might cause a decrease in shelf life.

While there are different types of finish available, black and tour satin are sought after in wedges. This is because this type of finish has the tendency to decrease the amount of glare from the sun that might otherwise affect your vision.

Raw or ready-to-rust finishes are also great alternatives among professionals. This is because they tend to make the wedges look curvier than normal. With a curvier wedge, you will be able to hit your ball without fail towards the intended target.

Number Of Grooves

Another important factor that you must understand is the number of grooves in the wedge that you are going to buy. When it comes to scoring, the grooves will be the ultimate feature of a wedge that will help you.

The greater the number of grooves that you have, the more the ball you hit will be able to spin. As a matter of fact, it is spin that determines how high the ball will fly and how much distance it will be able to cover while cutting through air resistance. The greater the spin, the more air it will be able to cut, and the greater the distance will be covered.

When determining whether the wedge you are thinking to buy will be able to cover a large distance game, you should count the number of grooves it has on its face.

Do know that a great deal of machinery has been used to increase the number of grooves in a specific wedge. That is why the greater the number of grooves in the wedge, the more expensive it will be. A wedge with a greater number of grooves is completely worth the value for the price that you will be getting it for.

Alternative Product: Cleveland RTX 4 wedge  

Cleveland RTX 4 wedge
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Size58 Degrees
Color58* – 03* Bounce – Wedge [XLow]
Golf Club FlexWedge
Hand OrientationLeft
Golf Club Loft58 degrees
BrandCleveland Golf
Shaft MaterialAlloy Steel

One of the only other golf wedges that are able to contend with autopilot’s C3i is the Cleveland RTX 4. This is one of the world’s most advanced short game clubs. It has been manufactured with a synthetic progressive feel-balancing technology.

This ensures that the user will not complain about a proper center of gravity. As this wedge is able to provide the center of gravity for both the x and y-axis, the user will be able to experience greater control over the amount of distance the ball will be covering.

The main structure of the wedge has been designed with satin. This gives the wedge a very alluring, and metallic finish. With satin, you do not have to worry about the production of glares from the sun.

Additionally, the material of the golf wedge ensures that it is always moderately cool to the touch. Even if you play in the middle of the day under scorching heat, the wedge will cool your hands since it is a bad conductor of heat.

Key Feature: Cleveland RTX 4 wedge

  • Rotex face technology provides the best spin experience while the sharp Tour Zip Grooves increase the amount of precision the user is able to handle.
  • There are four different sole grinds that allow the user to have various shooting options to choose from.
  • Features a V-shaped sole enhancer for a smooth shooting performance that will rarely miss the target.


  • Increased amount of spins can be achieved from each shot.
  • Easy-grip handle.
  • Will get you out of any bunker with one single swing.
  • Is designed to be used by beginners to golfing.


  • Not really fit for professionals.
  • Accuracy decreases once the flag range increases by more than 30 yards.

Comparison Chart

C3i WedgeCleveland RTX 4 wedge
Lowered friction mechanism so that the ball can spin longerMakes use of Rotex face technology for better and more spinning
Can be heavy for many playersIt is lightweight
It is made from stainless steelIt is made from satin which gives a very aesthetic finish
Both professionals and beginners can choose to use this clubNot recommended for professionals since this is made for beginners
Can be used accurately for flags within 50 yardsCannot be used for flags exceeding 30 yards.


  • Who would benefit the most from the C3i Wedge?

To begin with, C3i wedges have been manufactured especially while keeping newcomers in mind. Therefore, it is beginners and handicappers who would benefit the most from the C3i wedge.

However, that doesn’t mean that it is restricted only to beginners. Since it has been manufactured with a high-quality design and engineering, even professionals should be able to enjoy a short golf game with the C3i wedge.

  • What different loft options exist for the C3i?

The C3i is famed for having three loft options to choose from depending on your play style. The wedge offers a 53-degree option, 59-degree option, and 65-degree option.

Although the three models might differ from each other depending on the loft, they have the same high bounce of 12 degrees. For golfers who are learning about stances, these different loft specs are incredibly helpful since they can find out their play style with experimental trials.

  • Why is the wide sole of the C3i helpful in sandy terrain?

The C3i has a very wide sole that is able to cover a large surface area. This means that when you are going to hit a ball, it will not miss the mark easily. In addition, regardless of the terrain condition, your gameplay will not be affected by much.

This is because the C3i is designed with extra curves in the sole that will not cause large displacement of soil or sand when you swing it. Since the displacement is small, a lower amount of energy is lost in the swing.

  • Can you play an open stance with the C3i?

Yes, you can play an open stance with the C3i wedge. This is because the wedge has been designed such that it will be able to adapt to your game style. However, do be warned if you are a newcomer in golf, the square stance is a much better option for you.

Using a square stance has its own advantages since these are much easier to use for a newcomer. What’s more, the square stance has a high fluidity, which will allow you to adapt to the game style of your opponent. In this way, you would be able to compromise and change your game plan.

Additionally, you shouldn’t go for a stance that you have never tried before. With all being said, if you want to learn open stances, you will be able to make greater transitions in your game style, especially when you are playing with the C3i wedge.


With this, we should be done with the C3i wedge review. If you are interested in the wedge, you are more than welcome to try it. With the various benefits and key features that come with it, the C3i is a game-changer in the world of golf.

Of course, if you want to buy another golf wedge, you should compare the two. However, remember to consider the factors we mentioned in the buying guide before buying the wedge. You will thank us later!

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