A popular sport worldwide, golf is played by millions of people. It is enjoyed by all levels of people, from the serious golfer who wants to improve their skills for tournaments to the beginner who just wants to enjoy a fun game. But before one even begins playing golf, one needs to determine handicap. It affects the game in many ways. Are you struggling to determine “What is a good golf handicap?”Read this to discover what is a good handicapper and more.

For instance, if you have a low handicap, you may not be able to play as well as someone with a higher handicap. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that the better your handicap, the harder it will be for you to win tournaments. However, many golfers struggle to determine the handicap they need to play golf at their level, let alone decide -what is a good handicap.

This article will give a detailed look at the ABCs of golf handicaps and help you understand the good golf handicapper and the factors related to them.



A handicap is simply a measure of how well you can play golf. A high handicap may be good for someone with a low capacity, but it would be much harder for them to win tournaments. The best golfers in the world have handicaps at around 80, which is considered medium-high.

Many factors determine your handicap—for instance, age, size, strength, experience, and more. So, if you are trying to determine what level of golf you should start playing, it is important to take all of these into account. One of the key aspects of getting good at anything is to know your limits, and that’s exactly what a handicap will inform you of.

Why Handicap Is Needed

Before even starting about a good handicapper, it is important to determine if you need a handicap for playing golf. You don’t need a handicap if you play without a club. A good rule of thumb is that anyone should be able to hit a ball as far as they can without getting hurt.

After you have had a grasp of the basics related to golf from reading this far, you cannot decide whether you require a handicap or not. There are many factors to consider, including your level of experience, the type of golf you’re playing, and your goals for the game.

Affect Playing Style

Your handicap also affects your playing style. When a golfer has a low handicap, it leads him/her to be more aggressive and take more risks in the tournament. This could result in losing matches or taking too many shots that do not pan out.

Conversely, if you have a high handicap, you may be more conservative and prefer to play safe. This could lead to you winning more tournaments and making it to the playoffs. So understanding the importance of handicaps in golf can impact your golf playing significantly.

How To Determine The Handicap

The first step is to determine the handicap by considering your playing level. This will help you determine the appropriate handicap for your game. Next, you need to find out what type of golf you are playing. There are two types of widely known golf.

One is known as slow golf, whereas the other is known as fast golf. Slow golf is for people just starting and can not handle the faster-paced play in professional tournaments. Fast golf is for more experienced people who can handle the deeper pace of play found in Amateur tournaments. Once you have this information, you can begin to figure out how many shots per hour you should be playing at your current handicap.

Playing With A Lower Handicap

One way to determine your handicap is to play in tournaments with a lower handicap. This will allow you to compete against other players better. This will help you improve your game.

Additionally, it is important to remember that the higher your handicap, the more expensive your entry fee is. So, if you find yourself struggling to win tournaments at a low handicap, it may be worth it to focus on improving your skills. By doing that, you can eventually challenge those at a higher handicap.

Playing With A Higher Handicap

Another way to determine your handicap is by playing in tournaments with a higher handicap. This will allow you to play against people with a higher handicap and see how your game stacks up.

Moreover, if you have a low handicap and want to compete in tournaments, you will need to improve your skills to at least compete with those with a better handicap.

Golf Handicap Index Guide

To know– “What is a good golf handicap,” one must thoroughly understand the golf handicap index guide. The golf handicap index is a statistic that measures how well a person can play the sport of golf. It is a number based on a player’s score in a given round of golf.

The greater the handicap number, the better the player’s golf skills are. There are many different ways to measure a person’s golf skills, but the one way that is always accurate and reliable is the handicap index.

The handicap index is a scale that measures how well a person can play the sport of golf. It ranges from 0 (no handicap) to 11 (a professional golfer with an 11 handicap). Many different factors create a good handicapper for golf, but the most important ones are muscle strength, arm strength, and stamina. You also have to consider your age, height, and weight.

Index Calculation

It is important to know how that index calculation is done. This will help you do it independently and understand your current position in golf. The golf handicap index is a metric that assesses a person’s ability to play golf.

However, it comprises two parts: the stroke length and the distance played. The stroke length is how far your hand has to go from the ground to make a valid golf shot. The distance played is how many rounds a person has played.

Nevertheless, the golf handicap index can be found by multiplying a person’s stroke length by the distance played. For example, if someone has a stroke length of 82 inches and has played on average four rounds per month, their golf handicap would be 8.5.

What Is A Good Golf Handicapper?

After having the basics of golf handicap, it will now be easy to understand what is a good golf handicapper. A poor or zero handicaps will result in you being a very difficult player to beat. A professional golfer with an 11 handicap will play better than most people without any help.

It is crucial to have a good handicap to enhance their golf game. Usually, a good golf handicap is considered ten or less than ten according to the handicap index. So a person with a handicap of 10 or less short, somewhere around 82.

Shooting in the lower 80s is also better than average. The following classification of handicappers will clarify what players can be considered a good golf handicap.

Different Types Of Handicappers

There are three types of handicappers in golf. They are Low, Mid, and High handicappers. A detailed description of them is given below, from which you will understand who has a good golf handicap.

Low Handicappers

golf handicap

Low handicappers are golf players that have seven handicaps or below. These players have a pretty good hand in playing cleanly. They do not usually make big mistakes.

Even if they do, they know how to recover easily without impacting the score. They usually shot between 73 to 80 on a par 72 course. And this is considered a good golf handicap.

Mid Handicappers

These are the group of average golfers who have 8 to 17 handicaps. These players usually work on their game trying new equipment. They do this to break the 80-point barrier.

But it is quite hard for them to do so as they have certain weaknesses at some point in their game. They usually shot from the 80s to 90s on a par 72, average. So, they always have fields to improve their golf.

High Handicappers

good golf handicap

These are the group of golfers who have 18 above handicaps. These players are usually not in the game for long and need to work on their accuracy and short game.

They usually shot rounds of 113s to 120s. This category of golfers is also considered average golfers as they also have certain areas to improve their golf.

Factors To Consider

If you do not have a decent golf handicap, you do not have to be disappointed. Whether you are a high handicapper or a mid-level handicapper, there are many ways to improve your handicap.

One way is to play more tournaments. Another way is to get better physical conditioning. Playing in more tournaments will help you improve your playing skills, and by doing so, your handicap will improve as well. Working on your putting skills can also help you improve your handicap.

As you improve your golf handicap, you’ll also be able to play in higher-level tournaments. However, if you want to master golf and become a good handicapper, here are a few additional factors to consider. These include:

Arm Strength

One of the most important factors in creating a good handicap for golf is arm strength and stamina. If you do not have enough arm strength or stamina, you will be struggling to hold your own against other golfers. You need to have good arm strength to hit the ball accurately and forcefully to make a good shot.

Arm strength can also help you make better swings, which will help you improve your golf game. As arms are the weakest part of the body, it is important to have strong arms. After all, no one wants to be struggling to hold a club or hit a ball safely while playing golf.


Stamina is another important factor in improving your golf handicap. You do not want to be struggling to keep up with your friends or playing at a high level for very long periods. To have a good handicap, you need plenty of stamina.


Whenever it comes to getting a decent golf handicap, height is another crucial consideration. You need to stand up tall and make consistent contact with the ball.

If you are short, you will struggle to hit high-quality shots and will likely find yourself struggling in tournaments. Additionally, if you are too tall, you will find it difficult to control your club during play.


Weight can also play a role in getting a good handicap for golf. You need to carry your club easily and without feeling weighed down. You should also consider how much weight you put on the ball at all times during play so that your swing does not become too heavy or slow.


Another important factor in creating a good handicap is muscle strength and size. One must be able to play with power but without difficulty.

Many people believe that you can improve your golf game by working on your muscle strength. If you are not using enough muscles, you will struggle to make any headway in the game.


Golf is a subjective sport, yet it is competitive. Golfers are always looking for ways to measure themselves against other golfers when playing golf. And they do this in any tournaments, be it in local club matches or just competing with their performance last month.

However, most golfers use handicaps as a measure of their performance. Therefore, understanding “What is a good golf handicap?” is necessary, which you have already read throughout the article.

Also, some additional factors and tips are given to better understand how to have a good golf handicap. Keeping these in mind will help you be a good golfer, but do not forget to enjoy yourself while playing it.

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